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NEW for 2016 - Listen Now
A La Media Noche (At The Hour of Midnight)
Add some multicultural flair to holiday concerts with this lively arrangement of the Puerto Rican Christmas carol! The playful "la la" section and syncopated verses come even more alive with the addition of handclaps and percussion ostinato.

__ 00-45390, 3-Part Mixed
__ 00-45391, TB
__ 00-45392, 2-Part
__ 00-45393, SoundTrax CD

NEW for 2016 - Listen Now
A Newer World
Anthemic, heroic, and bold, the words of Alfred, Lord Tennyson spring to life through superb choral writing and a stirring piano accompaniment. A powerful opening theme builds to a final avalanche of sound, evoking the sp adventure. "To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield."

__ 00-45436, SATB
__ 00-45437, SAB
__ 00-45438, TBB
__ 00-43590, PianoTrax 8 CD

Listen Now - 2013 Podcast
Ain't Judgin' No Man

Cut from the same cloth as the great traditional spirituals, this riveting original boasts unwavering rhythmic intensity, gripping minor key sonorities, and a tenacious, meaningful text. Presented in a musical form that builds and builds to the big finsh!

__ 00-39876, SATB
__ 00-39877, TTBB

Listen Now - 2014 Podcast
Ain't No Windin' in the Road

An earnest soloist is accompanied by the soulful “oo”s of an a cappella choir during the expressive introduction to this spirited original. Soon we take a turn as the piece bursts into an exciting, rhythmic, and polyphonic tour de force. Thrilling in all voicings!

__ 00-41803, SATB divisi, a cappella
__ 00-41804, SSAB, a cappella
__ 00-41805, SSAA, a cappella

Listen Now - 2009 Podcast
All-American Girls: A Medley of Carrie Underwood Hits

Your girls will sound great on this trio of recent top-selling Carrie Underwood hits, well arranged by Greg Gilpin. This 5-minute medley features “Some Hearts,” “Jesus, Take the Wheel,” and “All-American Girl.”

__ 00-31029, SSA
__ 00-31030, SoundTrax CD

NEW for 2016 - Listen Now
All I Need is An Angel
Performed by Carly Rae Jepsen in the live television adaptation, this touching new ballad will melt the hearts of both choir and audience.

__ 00-45587, SSA
__ 00-45588, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2015 Podcast
Annie: Choral Highlights
It’s the Hard-Knock Life • Maybe • Easy Street • Tomorrow

A true American musical theater classic, Annie is still thrilling audiences world-wide. Introduce younger choirs to this wonderful show with five minutes of favorite highlights. Don’t be surprised if your audience joins in!

__ 00-43547 3-Part Mixed
__ 00-43548 2-Part
__ 00-43549 SoundTrax CD

Antiphonal Deck the Hall
The traditional strains of Deck The Hall are set in a lifting six-eight tempo and echoed from part to part in this festive carol by Greg Gilpin. With a new polyphome "fa-la-la-la" sequence and a delightful accompaniment, this is sure to be a holiday hit. Don't miss the shimmering Soundtrax CD with a Mannheim Steamroller appeal.

__ 00-39710, SATB - NEW for 2013 - Listen Now
__ 21640, SAB, Level 3
__ 21641, 2 part, Level 2
__ 21642, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2012 Podcast

Martina McBride’s #1 single from her album Waking Up Laughing is the ultimate uplifting ballad, especially for year-end concerts. “Build it anyway…Dream it anyway…Believe it anyway…Love ‘em anyway…Sing it anyway.”

__ 00-38227, SATB
__ 00-38228, SAB
__ 00-38229, SSA
__ 00-38230, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In

The groundbreaking musical Hair gave us many hits, including this medley, which was recorded by the vocal group The Fifth Dimension. This arrangement stays true to its 1960s roots, with a pulsing bass line and easy-singing harmonies. And the “peace and love” lyrics ring as true today as they did during the “Age of Aquarius.”

__ 00-28827, SATB
__ 00-28828, SAB
__ 00-28829, SSA
__ 00-28830 , 2-part
__ 00-28831, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2013 Podcast
The Beat Goes On

Sonny & Cher hit the Billboard Hot 100 in 1967 with this groovy song and its easily recognizable bass line. A terrific choice for a concert theme, it’s sure to leave your audience wanting more (or singing along)!

__ 00-39887, SATB
__ 00-39888, 2-Part/SSA
__ 00-39889, SoundTrax CD
__ 00-39890, SoundPax

Listen Now - 2010 Podcast
Big Yellow Taxi

“You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone.” Joni Mitchell’s hit song from 1970 gets a fresh, hip treatment in this cool Greg Gilpin arrangement.

__ SATB, 00-33175
__ SAB, 00-33176
__ SSA, 00-33177
__ SoundTrax CD 00-33178

Listen Now - 2015 Podcast
Breathe Soft, Ye Winds
Greg Gilpin’s skillful writing and sensitive interpretation create an expressive piece that brings understanding to this poignant text. Stunning in its simplicity, the intelligent voice leading, practical ranges, and clear phrasing allow choirs to sound their very best in no time at all. Mature, yet manageable.

__ 00-43294 SATB
__ 00-43295 3-Part Mixed
__ 00-43296 SSA
__ 00-43182 PianoTrax 7 CD

Bright Star Shining
Here is an irresistible gospel Christmas number that your students will want to sing again and again. Infectious syncopated rhythms, resonant gospel chords and spirited handclaps added on the final a cappella refrain! Features a low voice soloist, and a descant group at the big finish.

__ 22929, SATB
__ 22930, 3-part mixed
__ 22931, 2-part
__ 22932, Soundtrax CD

Listen Now - 2009 Podcast
Bring Them Home

A touching and tender ballad for those far from home during the holidays. Overlapping vocal lines weave a beautiful tapestry of sound and deliver a poignant and timely message. Not difficult to sing, but highly effective.

__ 00-31167, SATB
__ 00-31168, 3-part mixed
__ 00-31169, 2-part
__ 00-31170, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2015 Podcast
Can You Hear the Angels?
Sing about angels, shepherds, wise men, the star, and “the baby born in Bethlehem” with this spirited original for Christmas. Choirs of any age will sound their best on the gospel harmonies and catchy hook. After a modulating bridge lifts the piece to a higher level, invite your singers (and audience) to add handclaps over the final refrain!

__ 00-43375 SATB
__ 00-43376 SAB
__ 00-43377 SSA
__ 00-43378 2-Part
__ 00-43379 SoundTrax CD

NEW for 2016 - Listen Now
Candy Cane Lane
This bubby, contemporary country-pop release from Point of Grace has darling lyrics and a catchy chorus that begs for choreography. Perform it with the optional SoundTrax CD to add some flair to your holiday program.

__ 00-45364, SSA
__ 00-45365, 2-Part
__ 00-45366, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2010 Podcast
Can't Fight This Feeling

Featured on the pilot episode of the TV hit Glee, this number one power ballad from REO Speedwagon has a continuing life of its own, appearing in multiple movies, TV shows, and commercials. Features a lyric that speaks to the teenagers of today, as a friendship grows into something more.

__ SATB, 00-33164
__ SAB, 00-33165
__ SoundTrax CD 00-33166

Listen Now - 2012 Podcast
Celebrate with Music!

This triumphant opener or closer is sure to make an impact with its fanfare-like phrases and percussive handclaps. Subito dynamics and scattered syncopations energize the piece, while legato lines and choral echoes provide musical contrast.

__ SATB, 00-38109
__ SAB, 00-38110
__ PianoTrax 4 CD, 00-35870

Listen Now - 2010 Podcast
Chain of Fools

Oh, baby! Aretha Franklin move on over! Greg’s arrangement is just as funky and full as can be. Great solo feature, too.

__ SATB, 00-33005
__ SSAB, 00-33006
__ SSAA, 00-33007
__ SoundTrax CD 00-33008

Listen Now - 2014 Podcast
Chatter With the Angels

A bouncy piano accompaniment moves this cheerful arrangement along, as the playful melody is passed from voice to voice. Greg has great fun weaving “chatter” through the choir and modulating to the big finish. Light spiritual repertoire for any group.

__ 00-411596, SATB
__ 00-41597, SAB
__ 00-41598, 2-part
__ 00-40036, PianoTrax 6 CD

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
Children, Go Tell It!

An exuberant chorus alternates with a vibrant verse in this gospel original for Christmas by Greg Gilpin. And with no-fail syncopations and bright chords that lock in every time, it’s the kind of song you just don’t want to end. The final a cappella clap along section really kicks!

__ 00-28763, SATB
__ 00-28764, 3-part mixed
__ 00-28765, 2-part
__ 00-28766, SoundTrax CD

Circle of Our Song
Take your younger choir to a new level with this simple partner song incorporating Beethoven's Pathetique. Two independent vocal lines and a "joy of music" text inspire expressive singing. An optinoal bell part is included. American Sign Language featured on DVD or Video.

__ 23022, 3-part mixed w/opt. bells
__ 22955, 2-part w/opt. bells
__ 23037, Featured on On the Stage! DVD
__ 23129, Featured on On the Stage! Video

Listen Now - 2015 Podcast
After being given a year to live, 17-year old Zach Sobiech wrote a powerful goodbye song that quickly gained international attention in the form of celebrity tribute videos and other high-profile covers. Zach passed away in 2013, but his legacy lives on in this positive message of hope. A portion of the royalties from this arrangement will be donated to the Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma Fund.

__ 00-43283 SATB
__ 00-43284 SAB
__ 00-43285 2-Part
__ 00-43286 SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2015 Podcast
Colonel Bogey's Grand Old Flag!
(A Partner Song with “You’re a Grand Old Flag” and “Colonel Bogey”)

Patriotic and fun! Greg Gilpin’s creative partner song combines singers and kazoos on two well-known, flag-waving favorites. A rousing crowd-pleaser!

__ 00-43246 3-Part Mixed
__ 00-43247 2-Part
__ 00-43248 SoundTrax CD
__ 00-43333 With a Song! Choral Movement DVD

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
Come Live with Me and Be My Love

This sensitive setting of Christopher Marlowe’s romantic poetry is an especially artistic choice. Lyrical choral writing is beautifully balanced with a lush piano accompaniment, creating a work that is a joy to sing, play, and conduct. Distinctive concert or festival repertoire.

__ 00-28760, SATB
__ 00-28761, SSAB
__ 00-28762, SSAA

Listen Now - 2013 Podcast
Counting Down to Christmas (from A Christmas Story – The Musical)

Originally part of the new musical production of A Christmas Story, this upbeat, rhythmic selection will put everyone in the holiday spirit.

__ 00-40005, SATB
__ 00-40006, SAB
__ 00-40007, 2-part
__ 00-40008, SoundTrax CD
__ 00-40009, SoundPax

Listen Now - 2012 Podcast
Cripple Creek

“Have a little fun” singing this lively rendition of a great American fiddle tune that frequently alternates between the girls and the guys. A hand-clappin’, foot-stompin’ hootenanny, sure to last in your library!

__ 00-38141, SATB
__ 00-38142, SAB
__ 00-35870, Piano Trax 4 CD

Listen Now - 2015 Podcast
December Prayer
Memories of winter, family, and friends are recalled in this poignant and tender ballad from Idina Menzel’s CD Holiday Wishes. Highly effective for both holiday and winter programs.

__ 00-43441 SATB
__ 00-43442 SSA
__ 00-43443 TTB
__ 00-43444 SoundTrax CD

Did You Think To Pray?
"In sorrow and in gladness, don't forget to pray." Greg Gilpin's inspired adaptation of the haunting folk song, "Wayfaring Stranger," beautifully pairs its melody with 19th century lyrics inspired by James 5: 13-19, affirming prayer as the source of healing, praise, comfort and salvation. A compelling choice for Ash Wednesday, Lent or any time! Suggested scriptures: Psalm 55, Matthew 6: 5-14, Luke 11: 1-4, John 17: 6-26, Romans 8: 18-27, 1 Corinthians 14: 13-19, 1 Thessalonians 5: 12-22, James 5: 13-19.

__ 22087, SATB (w/opt.soloist)
__ 22088, 2-part mixed

NEW for 2016 - Listen Now
Don't Want to Lose You Now
Featured in On Your Feet! The Musical, the story of Emilio and Gloria Estefan, this well-known power ballad earned a Grammy nomination in 1990. Optional Spanish lyrics are included in the publication.

__ 00-45568, SATB
__ 00-45569, SAB
__ 00-45570, SSA
__ 00-45571, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
El Dia De Tu Santo
An inspired setting of a thoughtful Spanish text, traditionally used as a blessing. Strikingly simple, yet elegantly effective, this contemporary choral offers a light multicultural sound and may be sung year-round in either Spanish or English. Gorgeous!

__ 00-24099, SATB
__ 00-24100, SAB
__ 00-24101, SoundTrax CD

Et In Terra Pax
Uncomplicated, homophonic vocal writing provides the foundation of this unique, well-crafted work for concerts, festivals contests, and adjudications. Perfect for choirs that are just starting to sing in parts. Easy to learn Latin test and excellent voice leading unsure success.

__ 22982,SATB
__ 22983, SAB
__ 22984, SSA
__ 22985, 2-part
__ 23024,Soundtrax CD

Famous Folk
(A Medley of Folks Songs)

What do Yankee Doodle, Old Joe Clark, Black Eyed Susie, Aunt Rhodie, Cindy, Susanna, Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair, Sweet Betsy from Pike, Clementine, and My Bonnie have in common? They're all famous folk and they're al here in the clever medley of folk songs by Greg Gilpin. One by one, like threads in a fabric, these melodies are spun into a charming 2-part choral work. The SoundTrax CD captures the spirit of these time-honored Amercian folk songs. Suitable for any treble choir.

__ 20147, 2-part, Level 2
__ 20148, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
Go Down Moses
Rhythmic vocal parts are added one by one over the bass section’s walking line, creating a multi-layered a cappella arrangement that is uniquely satisfying to sing and equally exhilarating to hear. An age-old spiritual with an innovative sound!

__ 00-24093, SSATB, a cappella

Listen Now - 2015 Podcast
Good News! Chariot's A-comin'
An energetic and accessible spiritual arrangement! Greg’s swingin’ tempo and gospel chords kick-start the joy, and handclaps in the final refrain bring it home.

__ 00-43371 SAB
__ 00-43372 SSA
__ 00-43373 2-Part
__ 00-43374 SoundTrax CD

A Gospel Noel
What a treat, a gospel style original choral piece that fills the holidays with excitement. Dynamic contrasts add to the inherent power of the infectious melody and harmonies. Two short solos are backed up by choral "oo's." The easy, full sounding piano accompaniment makes this a December concert winner.

__ 21079, SATB Level 4
__ 21080, 3-Part, Level 3
__ 21081, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2009 Podcast
Great Balls of Fire

Goodness, gracious, this one is hot! It’s classic rock and roll, full of excitement and fun times. Don’t miss this quick-learn arrangement.

__ 00-31031, SATB
__ 00-31032, SAB
__ 00-31033, TBB
__ 00-31034, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
Grown-Up Christmas List

This lovely Christmas song has been gaining popularity over the last decade and has been recorded by vocalists such as Amy Grant and Kelly Clarkson. Its childlike innocence hides a powerful message, which is certainly appropriate today: “No more lives torn apart, and wars would never start, and time would heal all hearts.”

__ 00-28523, SATB
__ 00-28524, SAB
__ 00-28525, SSA
__ 00-28526, 2-part
__ 00-28527, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2007 Podcast
Hallelujah, Get Happy!
(A Medley of “Get Happy” and “Oh, Happy Day”)
Here’s a medley that couldn’t be happier. It includes a swinging classic (“Forget your troubles and just get happy...”) and a gospel standard (“Oh happy day...when all my sins were washed away...”). Put the two together and it’s a recipe for a smile. The lyrics make it appropriate for all age groups, and the songs are ideal for any concert.

__ 00-27322, SATB
__ 00-27323, SAB
__ 00-27324, SSA
__ 00-27325, 2-part
__ 00-27326, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2010 Podcast
Hair: A Choral Medley

Hair • Good Morning Starshine • Aquarius • Let the Sunshine In
Galt MacDermot, James Rado, and Gerome Ragni/Greg Gilpin
It’s the ’60s, the Age of Aquarius, of hippies, and of the surprise Broadway smash Hair. Now, over 40 years later, this “tribal love-rock musical” has returned to Broadway and has audiences dancing in the aisles. Winner of the 2009 Tony for Best Revival of a Musical. Greg’s wonderful new 6-minute medley captures all of the fresh flower-power!

__ SATB, 00-33026
__ SAB, 00-33027
__ SSA, 00-33028
__ SoundTrax CD 00-33029

Listen Now - 2015 Podcast
The Heart of the Matter
The universal power of forgiveness is at the heart of this Don Henley ballad. Moving lyrics and easy-to-sing harmonies guarantee a successful performance. Perfect for pop choirs.

__ 00-43349) SATB
__ 00-43350 SAB
__ 00-43351) SSA
__ 00-43352 SoundTrax CD
__ 00-DIGPX00007 Digital SoundPax

Listen Now - 2015 Podcast
Heartache Tonight
The Eagles had their final chart-topping hit with this 1979 classic. This hard-driving, raucous arrangement captures all the excitement of the original. “There’s gonna be a heartache tonight …”

__ 00-43571 SATB
__ 00-43572 SAB
__ 00-43573 SSA
__ 00-43574 SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2013 Podcast
Here's Where I Stand (from the motion picture Camp)

This gospel-style showstopper from the movie musical Camp builds from a soulful opening to a powerful final chorus. Featuring a strong soloist and a self-affirming message, this arrangement would be stirring as a concert or graduation finale.

__ 00-39897, SATB
__ 00-39898, SAB
__ 00-39899, SSA
__ 00-39900, SoundTrax CD
__ 00-39901, SoundPax

Listen Now - 2011 Podcast
Hernando's Hideaway

Featured in the Tony-nominated Broadway hit The Pajama Game, this Latin-flavored arrangement will be easily learned by both concert and show groups. Add some choreography for a guaranteed showstopper!

__ 00-35816, SATB
__ 00-35817, SAB
__ 00-35818, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2013 Podcast

This debut single from American Idol winner Phillip Phillips quickly went Platinum as it climbed the Billboard charts. An inspiring folk-like feature.

__ 00-39969, SATB
__ 00-39970, SAB
__ 00-39971, SSA
__ 00-39972, SoundTrax CD
__ 00-39973, SoundPax

Home in That Rock
You'll really feel the spirit in this vibrant Greg Gilpin arrangement. Rhythmic vocal writing, a vital swing tempo, and animated handclaps will raise the roof at your next concert. Feature your best gospel soloist on the second verse. Singers will beam, and audiences will cheer for this uplifting, rock-solid chorus.

__ 22986, SATB
__ 22987, SAB
__ 22988, 2-part
__ 22989, SoundTrax CD
__ 22990,Sound Pax (alto sax, tenor sax, 2trpl, 2tbn., rhythm perc.)

Listen Now - 2007 Podcast
Hopelessly Devoted to You from the musical “Grease”

With the 2007 Broadway revival of the musical Grease (and the hubbub leading up to it with the TV reality show “You’re the One That I Want”), your choirs will beg to perform this new choral arrangement by Greg Gilpin. Great fun for mixed voices, but an extra special feature for your SSA ensembles.

__ 00-27829, SATB
__ 00-27830, SAB
__ 00-27831, SSA
__ 00-27832, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2011 Podcast
Hosanna Deo!

A festival choral for contemporary choirs. Most often in 5/4 with a stacatto piano theme as its driving force, this dynamic piece features a legato “in excelsis” section in 4, and culminates with jubilant “alleluias” in 6/8. Well worth the effort!

__ 00-35676, SATB
__ 00-35677, SSAA
__ 00-34744, PianoTrax 3 CD

Listen Now - 2014 Podcast
I Am Beautiful

This debut single from American Idol season twelve winner Candice Glover hit multiple Billboard charts when it was released.

__ 00-41569, SSA
__ 00-41570, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2007 Podcast
I Could Have Danced All Night from the musical My Fair Lady

The key word in this title is “danced.” And what says “dance” more than “disco?” It’s a retro/disco arrangement of the Lerner and Lowe standard from the musical My Fair Lady arranged in an unexpected style by Greg Gilpin. Get out your platform shoes, leisure suits, and sing and dance it all night.

__ 00-27327, SATB
__ 00-27328, SAB
__ 00-27329, SSA
__ 00-27330, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2010 Podcast
I Long for the Green Hills

Composed in the style of a traditional folk song, this piece resonates beautifully with young adults and maturing singers alike, as they reflect on childhood memories. Features glorious treble sonorities throughout.

__ SSA, 00-33004
__ PianoTrax 2 CD 00-31290

Listen Now - 2007 Podcast
I Knew I Loved You

This beautiful ballad was recently premiered by Celine Dion at the 2007 Academy Awards, and was also her first new release since hitting the Vegas stage. Features soaring melody lines that will touch the hearts of all who hear it. Enchanting.

__ 00-27833, SATB
__ 00-27834, SAB
__ 00-27835, SSA
__ 00-27836, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2012 Podcast
I Run To You: The Hits of Lady Antebellum

I Run to You * Just a Kiss * Need You Now
You’ll enjoy performing this trio of Lady Antebellum chart-topping hits featured in this outstanding 5-minute choral medley. Listen to their great harmonies, just perfect for choral singing.

__ 00-38223, SATB
__ 00-38224, SAB
__ 0038225, SSA
__ 0035226,
SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
I'll Stand by You

Carrie Underwood has introduced a new audience to this 1994 Pretenders hit. With a lyric that’s especially appropriate for graduation and year end concerts, this song is sure to create a special bond in your singers. “When you’re standing at the crossroads, and don’t know which path to choose, let me come along, ’cause even if you’re wrong, I’ll stand by you.”

__ 00-28803, SATB
__ 00-28804, SAB
__ 00-28805, SSA
__ 00-28806, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
IDOLMANIA! A Medley of Love Songs
(Featuring: When You Tell Me That You Love Me • When a Man Loves a Woman • To Love Somebody • I’m Gonna Make You Love Me • Love Can Build a Bridge • You Raise Me Up • The Greatest Love of All)
Every one of the songs in this seven song medley has been featured on the hit television show American Idol. The songs run the gamut from “When a Man Loves a Woman” to “You Raise Me Up,” and include a variety of styles. Guaranteed to bring down the house.

__ 00-28823, SATB
__ 00-28824, SAB
__ 00-28825, SSA
__ SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
Inside Your Heaven
Perform this incredible hit from the finale of AMERICAN IDOL Season 4, as sung by Winner Carrie Underwood and Finalist Bo Bice. Greg Gilpin’s arrangement captures the kick in this rock ballad, which took over the pop charts.

__ 00-25074, SATB
__ 00-25075, SAB
__ 00-25076, SSAA
__ 00-25077, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
Instrument of Peace
New TTBB voicing dedicated to the Turtle Creek Chorale. There is no better peace song for today. The compassionate sentiment, based on the words of Francis of Assisi, and lyrical music, composed by Greg Gilpin,will inspire generosity of the human spirit in your singers and listeners alike.

__ 00-24104, SATB
__ 00-24105, 3-part mixed
__ 00-28750, TTBB
__ 00-24106, 2-part
__ 00-24107, SoundTrax CD
__ 00-24108, SoundPax
(fl., ob., cl., 2 Fr. horn, 3 tpt., 3 tbn., tuba, harp, 2 perc., piano, rhy., synth.,2 violin, viola, cello, bass)

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
It's Raining Men

Who knew that Paul Shaffer (of “Letterman” fame) wrote one of the biggest disco hits of the ’70s? The Weather Girls made the top-selling recording, and we bring it to you in all its luscious, polyester splendor. The forecast: “Tonight, just about half past ten, for the first time in history it’s gonna start raining men!” Bring it home, girls!

__ 00-28519, SSA
__ 00-28520, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2011 Podcast
Last Christmas

The cast of Glee featured this wonderful George Michael Wham hit during their holiday show. Spotlights an opening solo over cool back-ups, with a soaring male/female descant later on.

__ 00-35729, SATB
__ 00-35730, SAB
__ 00-35731, SSA
__ 00-35732, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2012 Podcast
Let Me By Your Star

Here’s the first of what we hope are many hit songs from the TV musical series Smash. Performed by Karen and Ivy in the premiere episode. Sure to make stars of all your singers!

__ 00-38264, SATB
__ 00-38265, SAB
__ 00-38266, SSA
__ 00-38267, SoundTrax CD
__ 00-38268, SoundPax

Listen Now - 2011 Podcast
The Long Day Closes

Greg Gilpin has carefully set this touching Victorian era poem in an uncomplicated choral style, allowing us to focus on the deep meaning of the text. Expressive, quality literature for today's choirs. Poignant.

__ 00-35674, SATB
__ 00-35675, SSA
__ 00-34744, PianoTrax 3 CD

Listen Now - 2015 Podcast
A Lot of Livin' to Do
from the musical Bye, Bye Birdie

Show and concert choirs will both sound great singing this upbeat production number from the musical Bye, Bye, Birdie. Exciting from start to finish!

__ 00-43514 SATB
__ 00-43515 SAB
__ 00-43516 SSA
__ 00-43517 SoundTrax CD
__ 00-DIGPX00015 Digital SoundPax

Listen Now - 2009 Podcast
Make 'Em Laugh: A Medley of Comic Songs

(“Be a Clown,” “When You’re Smiling,” and “Make ’Em Laugh”)
This classic 2-beat vaudeville-style trio of tunes is jam-packed with frivolity, clever lyrics, and slip-on-a-banana-peel fun! The SoundTrax CD features tons of “ha ha” moments using humorous percussion sounds. Perfect for inventive staging, too!

__ 00-31060, SATB
__ 00-31061, SAB
__ 00-31062, 2-part
__ 00-31063, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
Michael Row That Gospel Boat!
Bring the house down with this spirited Greg Gilpin original based on the well-known “Michael Row the Boat Ashore.” Gospel rhythms, chords, and textures really get the job done as your choir sings and claps its way through this explosive and soulful adaptation. A must-have!

__ 00-24060, SATB
__ 00-24061, 3-part mixed
__ 00-24062, 2-part
__ 00-24063, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
Midwinter's Chill

Artistic from start to finish, each of the varied sections of this Gilpin original captures the essence of wintertime. The expressive rubatos, the rich poetry, and the well-placed dissonances will accentuate and cultivate the musicianship of your group. “All the world, cold and still, hides in slumber from the chill.”

__ 00-28846, SATB
__ 00-28847, SSAB
__ 00-28848, SSA

Listen Now - 2010 Podcast

(Russian Folk Song)
Greg Gilpin’s partner-song arrangement makes this Russian folk song a sure-fire success for winter concerts. Kids will enjoy the “Deck the Hall” and “Jingle Bells” texts, not to mention the accelerando to the end!

__ 2-Part, 00-33041
__ SoundTrax CD 00-33042

Listen Now - 2014 Podcast
Monster Mash

Triadic harmonies and several spoken solos are perfect for younger groups in this fun novelty song. Compare dance moves with Frankenstein, Wolfman, and Dracula, and maybe add a few of your own!

__ 00-41798, 3-Part Mixed
__ 00-41799, 2-Part
__ 00-41800, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2011 Podcast
Need You Now

This huge-selling title song from Lady Antebellum’s second studio album features a memorable country pop hook. It has been at the top of several Billboard charts throughout 2010. During the recent 45th Country Music Awards, the group, the song, and the album were all big winners. Both the song and the album won multiple Grammy awards in 2011.

__ 00-35717, SATB
__ 00-35718, SAB
__ 00-35719, SSA
__ 00-35720, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2009 Podcast
Never Gonna Walk This Journey Alone

This original contemporary spiritual is a powerhouse, destined to be a staple in your choral library. The exciting rhythms, dramatic dynamics, and textured vocal lines grab your ear and stick with you as only the most exceptional a cappella works can. A standout.

__ 00-31072, SATB, a cappella

NEW for 2016 - Listen Now
Never My Love
One of the most-played songs of all-time on radio and television! Introduce singers to the whispery harmonies of 1960s California pop. Accessible choral writing that is expressive and musically satisfying!

__ 00-45528, SATB
__ 00-45529, SAB
__ 00-45530, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
Nothing Could Be Finer: Those Fabulous 40’s!
Greg Gilpin has put together a fantastic, swingin’ medley of some of the greatest hits of one of our  greatest musical decades, the 1940s. Includes “Jumpin’ at the Woodside,” “Jersey Bounce,” “On the  Atchison, Topeka, and the Santa Fe,” “Chattanooga Choo Choo,” “Pennsylvania 6-5000,” and “Tuxedo Junction.” Need we say more?

__ 00-25210, SATB
__ 00-25211, SAB
__ 00-25212, SSA
__ 00-25213, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2007 Podcast
Oh Mary, Don't You Weep

Dynamic vocal parts, syncopated swing rhythms, and ear-catching minor sonorities bring intensity to this original spiritual, with lyrics based on the traditional. Basses and tenors sing two independent lines while 3-part women add another unique texture creating a dramatic and impressive sound. Another solid Greg Gilpin spiritual!

__ 00-27251, SSATB
__ 00-27252, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2014 Podcast
The Papaya Song

Kids will love performing with shakers in hand during this island-flavored Calypso song, arranged especially for developing 2-part singers. A terrific way to shake things up and bring the house down!

__ 00-41682, 2-part
__ 00-41683, SoundTrax CD
__ 00-41599, Lights! DVD

Listen Now - 2010 Podcast
Party in the USA

Here is the ultimate Miley Cyrus Party song – fresh, fun, and fantastic! So put your ahnds up, and sing along with this iTunes and Billboard Hot 100 hit. Yeah!

__ SATB, 00-33054
__ SAB, 00-33055
__ SSA, 00-33056
__ 2-part, 00-33057
__ SoundTrax CD 0033058

Listen Now - 2012 Podcast
The Peace Carol

A stunning choral arrangement of a truly lovely song, originally featured on the 1979 television special: John Denver and The Muppets: A Christmas Together.

__ 00-37992, SATB
__ 00-37993, SAB
__ 00-37994, SSA
__ 00-37995, 2-part
__ 00-37996, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
Perfect Christmas
Here’s a new doo-wop Christmas classic from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra from the motion picture Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas. A fun-filled, “shoo-bie doo-wah” holiday blast that’s great for any age group. A perfect Christmas number for your perfect Christmas concerts.

__ 00-25188, SATB
__ 00-25189, SSAB
__ 00-25190, 2-part
__ 00-25191, SoundTrax CD

The River
(Incorporating Shall We Gather at the River & Deep River)

A flowing pairing of two American spirituals, Shall We Gather at the River? and Deep River. The piano accompaniment is not difficult, yet is beautifully sensitive. Straightforward part writing with a solo for low voice (male or female). Use throughout the church year, especially All Saints', Lent, funeral and memorial services.

__ 19887, SATB with soloist, Level 3
__ 19888, SAB or 2-part mixed with soloist, Level 2

Listen Now - 2011 Podcast
Rock the Boat

The rockin’ sounds of 1974 live again in this incredibly entertaining arrangement by Greg Gilpin. A perfect ‘retro’ moment for any concert. Fun!

__ 00-35838, SATB
__ 00-35839, SAB
__ 00-35840, TTBB
__ 00-35841, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
Santa’s On His Way! Medley
Combine three Christmas favorites (“Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town,” “Jolly Old St. Nicholas,” and “Up on the Housetop”), add a 60s rockin’ beat, a speech choir/rap section, and what have you got? A holiday hit from arranger Greg Gilpin. Available in three voicings for choirs of all ages.

__ 00-25192, SATB
__ 00-25193, SAB
__ 00-25194, 2-part
__ 00-25195, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2007 Podcast
Shake, Rattle, and Let the Good Times Roll
(A Medley of “Save the Last Dance for Me,” “Shake Rattle and Roll,” and “Let the Good Times Roll”)
It’s back to the 50s and 60s with this medley of dance hits: “Save the Last Dance for Me,” “Shake, Rattle and Roll,” and “Let the Good Times Roll.” It’s guaranteed fun for choral groups of any age. Great for adding movement and staging.

__ 00-27403, SATB
__ 00-27404, SAB
__ 00-27405, 2-part/SSA
__ 00-27406, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2012 Podcast
Shake the Papaya Down

Kids will love performing with shakers in hand during this island-flavored Calypso song, arranged especially for developing 2-part singers. A terrific way to shake things up and bring the house down!

__ 2-part, 00-38059
__ SoundTrax CD, 00-38171
__ “Lift Me Up” DVD, 0-38171

Listen Now - 2011 Podcast
Sing Your Song

“No matter what the melody, . . . high or low, in harmony, sing your song.” Though each of us is different, this song encourages unity, especially through music. An important lesson simply stated for younger choirs, and a terrific choice for music advocacy.

__ 00-35672, 2-part
__ 00-35673, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2011 Podcast
Skip To My Lou

Solid arranging techniques and a playful spirit give this old dance a few new steps. Listen for the add-on ostinati, ear-bending chord progressions, unexpected rhythmic twists, falsetto tenors, descant sopranos, poignant “lost my partner” solos, and . . . buzzing bees?! Sounds silly, but requires serious singing.

__ 00-34749, SATB
__ 00-34750, TTB
__ 00-34744, PianoTrax 3 CD

Listen Now - 2011 Podcast

Matthew Shafer, Blair Daly, J. T. Harding, Jeremy Bose/Greg Gilpin
Featured on Uncle Kracker’s album Happy Hour, this catchy chart has appeared on several different Billboard Hot 100 charts. A hip, rhythmic, and fun friendship song. “Oh, you make me smile.”

__ 00-35763, SATB
__ 00-35764, SAB
__ 00-35765, SSA
__ 00-35766, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2013 Podcast
The Swing

A mostly step-wise melody soon becomes a canon in this playfully poetic piece written especially for 2-part treble singers. Near the end, a gentle and expressive moment brings out the thoughtful text. Delightful.

__ 00-39736, 2-part
__ 00-39670, PianoTrax 5 CD

Listen Now - 2009 Podcast
Tea for Two

from the musical No, No Nannette
The ultimate soft shoe song has been given novel twists and turns galore! This theme-and-variations arrangement includes the traditional soft shoe, a waltz, a jazz waltz, and a soap opera theme treatment! Perfect for your “novelty” slot in the concert.

__ 00-31119, SATB
__ 00-31120, SAB
__ 00-31121, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2009 Podcast
The Big City Sound

(A Medley of “Theme from New York, New York,” “Walking to New Orleans,”
“My Kind of Town (Chicago Is),” and “Hooray for Hollywood”)

This 5-minute montage opens with an original theme, then travels musically from coast to coast—from New York to New Orleans, from Chicago to Hollywood. A clever concert feature. Offers great opportunities for staging, too!

__ 00-31055, SATB
__ 00-31056, SAB
__ 00-31057, 2-part/SSA
__ 00-31058, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2007 Podcast
The Shadow of Your Smile from the motion picture The Sandpiper

Here’s a straightforward bossa nova arrangement by Greg Gilpin of a pop standard from the 1960s. It’s written with a very easy choral feel, so it’s perfect for your larger groups, yet still has enough jazz qualities for your pop/jazz ensembles. Includes a tasty, scat syllable solo for any voice, male or female.

__ 00-27407, SATB
__ 00-27408, SAB
__ 00-27409, SSA
__ 00-27410, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2014 Podcast
Silver Lining

From the opening solo to the final chord, this Grammy-nominated theme song from the film Silver Linings Playbook rocks with a strong techno-beat and easy-to-sing hook. Oringally recorded by Jesse J, it charted in multiple countries.

__ 00-41858, SATB
__ 00-41859, SAB
__ 00-41860, SSA
__ 00-41861, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2010 Podcast
The Silver Swan

This will be the most poignant and powerful selection on your concert and contest programs this year. A reflective text set to beautiful music. Contemporary choral writing at it’s best.

__ SATB, 00-33124
__ PianoTrax 2 CD 00-31290

Listen Now - 2010 Podcast
Single Ladies with a Crush

Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) • Crush
Everyone will be dancing—both on stage and in the aisles—with this fabulous combination of two Billboard Hot 100 hits: Beyoncé's Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) and Jennifer Paige's Crush. Both songs were featured on the television hit Glee.

__ SSA, 00-34725
__ SoundTrax CD 00-34726

Listen Now - 2014 Podcast
Somebody Loves You

This debut single, from rising pop star Betty Who, received rave reviews when it frist appeared online. The memorable hook will have your entire audience singing along with the choir. “Ooh, somebody loves you!”

__ 00-41717, SATB
__ 00-41718, SAB
__ 00-41719, SSA
__ 00-41720, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2010 Podcast
The Spinning Song

Dedicated to his very first piano teacher, Greg Gilpin adds his humor and creativity to this piano studio staple. Sung a cappella and on nonsense syllables throughout.

__ SATB, a cappella 00-33048

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
The Syncopated Clock

This crazy syncopated “tick-tock” clock choral is the perfect novelty number for any concert. What a fantastic change of pace, and a great way to celebrate Leroy Anderson’s 100th birthday (born June 29, 1908). Greg Gilpin’s arrangement is witty and wonderful from one rhythmic tick to the next.

__ 00-28807, SATB
__ 00-28808, SAB
__ 00-28809, 2-part, w/ opt. descant or Orff instruments
__ 00-28810, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
That’s Entertainment!
It’s the quintessential “show business” song, a real showstopper so spectacular that it was used as the  theme of MGM Studios’ motion picture tribute to the great American Hollywood musicals. And the lyrics! Can they get any better than this? This arrangement includes additional verses which can be used as a “closer” performance.

__ 00-25196, SATB
__ 00-25197, SAB
__ 00-25198, 2-part
__ 00-25199, SoundTrax CD
__ 00-24120, “That’s Entertainment!” DVD

Listen Now - 2007 Podcast
There is a Season
This stunning setting of an emotional biblical text helps us understand that “there is a time ... a season ... for every purpose under heaven.” The soaring melody dramatically ebbs and flows throughout, eventually fading at the thoughtful end. A terrific choice for concerts and adjudications, an appropriate choice for life’s trying moments.

__ 00-28463, SATB
__ 00-28464, SAB
__ 00-28465, SSAA
__ 00-28466, 2-part
__ 00-28467, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2009 Podcast
This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)

A kickin’ gospel-style tribute to everlasting love! This can’t-sit-still arrangement is true to the original Natalie Cole recording. Excitement from start to finish! “This will be the one I’ve waited for … the thrill of a lifetime!”

__ 00-31084, SATB
__ 00-31085, SSA
__ 00-31086, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2009 Podcast
Things That Never Die

The emotional words of Charles Dickens are paralleled by the powerful music in this sensitive choral for contemporary choirs. Each of the contrasting sections transitions seamlessly to the next. An exquisite work, rich in musicality and poetry.

__ 00-31133, SATB
__ 00-31134, SSAB
__ 00-31135, SSAA
__ 00-31028, PianoTrax 1 CD

Listen Now - 2015 Podcast
Here’s a traditional canoe song from Polynesia that sounds quite impressive with just two voice parts, handclaps, and percussion instruments. The echo format of Greg’s well-designed arrangement suggests people communicating from canoe to canoe as they travel between islands.

__ 00-45660, SAB a cappella
__ 00-43449 TB
__ 00-43450 2-Part

NEW for 2016 - Listen Now
The Twelve Days of a Regifted Christmas
This hilarious send-up spoofs the usual gifts presented in the well-known song: "eight ugly sweaters, seven pink flamingos, six Hawaiian shirts." The parody text provides lots of laughs, while the ever-changing musical styles (including even Latin and disco) are guaranteed to entertain.

__ 00-43335, SATB
__ 00-43336, SAB
__ 00-43337, 2_part
__ 00-43338, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2007 Podcast
Until We Sing Again

This heartfelt choral ballad is a touching conclusion for concert programs, moving-up ceremonies, and graduation events. Greg Gilpin’s contemporary style and choral sensibilities are evident from the sentimental opening solo to the climactic modulation into the final pop chorus. Make this your choir’s signature piece.

__ 00-24180, SATB
__ 00-24181, SAB
__ 00-24182, 2-part
__ 00-24183, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2010 Podcast
We Are One

This ultimate unity song explains that despite our differences, “we are all the same.” A timeless message presented here in a contemporary way. “We are one in music, we are one in song!”

__ SATB, 00-31282
__ SAB, 00-31283
__ SSAA, 00-31284
__ 2-Part, 00-31285
__ SoundTrax CD 00-31286
__ “Shine!” DVD (00-34720)

Listen Now - 2007 Podcast
Welcome the Holidays!

No matter what traditions you celebrate during the season, “welcome the holidays” in a merry way with the bright sounds of this jingle-like selection. Catchy melodies and rhythms are heard throughout each of the modulating sections of this pizzazz-filled piece designed as an opener, closer, or theme song for holiday concerts. Featuring a generous dose of jingling bells and tolling chimes on the optional SoundTrax CD.

__ 00-27419, SATB
__ 00-27420, 3-part mixed
__ 00-27421, 2-part
__ 00-27422, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2011 Podcast
Welcome, Welcome Winter

A crisp, detached accompaniment supports the playful attitude of an evocative text, and articulate voice parts provide vivid images of wintertime. The F-minor tonality makes for a haunting and delightful greeting. Innovative.

__ 00-35678, SATB
__ 00-35679, SSAB
__ 00-35680, SSA
__ 00-35767, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2013 Podcast
What is Life?

Inspired by the words of a Native American Crowfoot, this introspective text contemplates the meaning of life. Anchored with the enduring musicality that builds to a dramatic peak and concludes with the soft realization that “life is the moment, that alone.”

__ 00-39871, SATB
__ 00-39872, SAB
__ 00-39873, SSA
__ 00-39670, PianoTrax 5 CD

Listen Now - 2014 Podcast
When Midnight Mists are Creeping

This evocative text setting makes it easy for developing concert choirs to impress. Modest vocal ranges, logical voice-leading, and manageable phrase lengths allow musicality to be the focus of rehearsal and the hallmark of performance.

__ 00-41583, SATB
__ 00-41584, SAB
__ 00-41585, SSA
__ 00-40036, PianoTrax 6 CD

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
When the Sun Goes In
A sublime combination of “All My Trials” and “Every Night When the Sun Goes In,” enjoyable and accessible for all choirs. A delicate piano accompaniment underscores the simple sustained vocal phrases that begin on unison pianissimo and grow to full harmonic beauty. A stunning spiritual setting!

__ 00-23964, SATB
__ 00-23965, SAB
__ 00-23966, SSA
__ 00-23967, 2-part
__ 00-23968, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2013 Podcast
When Will I See You Again

A signature song from the 1970’s group The Three Degrees, this soulful hit works for ensembles of any size. Add the instrumental parts for that special touch!

__ 00-40001, SSA
__ 00-40002, SoundTrax CD
__ 00-40003, SoundPax

NEW for 2016 - Listen Now
Who's That Knockin'?
This fantastic original a cappella spiritual is not to be missed! An insistent melody opens the piece in unison, and then fully develops with rhythmic syncopations, varied choral textures, and dramatic dynamics. A challenging mixed meter section and a compelling descant build anticipation, leading to a satisfying musical payoff!

__ 00-45378, SATB

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
The Winner Takes It All
Bring Broadway to your concert with this moderate tempo ballad from the international musical hit, Mamma Mia!, currently running in New York and 18 other cities around the world. The show incorporates the music of the Swedish vocal group ABBA, and Greg Gilpin has turned this hit into a fine choral work.

__ 00-25200, SATB
__ 00-25201, SAB
__ 00-25202, SSA
__ 00-25204, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2012 Podcast
A Winter Blast!

Hot Chocolate (from The Polar Express) * Frosty the Snowman * Suzy Snowflake
This fabulous trio of wintertime favorites is 3 minutes of fun, fun, and more fun, arranged just for treble choirs! Sure to be a showstopper during your Christmas or winter concerts.

__ 00-38211, SSA
__ 00-38212, 2-part
__ 22-38213, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2015 Podcast
The World is Ours
This carnival-inspired World Cup theme song combines pop and samba rhythms in an inspiring message of hope! Appropriate for all ages.

__ 00-43540 SATB
__ 00-43541 SAB
__ 00-43542 SSA
__ 00-43543 2-Part
__ 00-43544 SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2011 Podcast
You Haven't Seen the Last of Me

This Diane Warren power ballad won top honors at the 2011 Golden Globes. Performed by Cher in the motion picture Burlesque, the moving and inspiring message will resonate with any audience.

__ 00-35812, SATB
__ 00-35613, SAB
__ 00-35614, SSA
__ 00-35615, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2010 Podcast
You Took Advantage of Me

Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart/Greg Gilpin
What fun it was to see and hear this classic 1928 Rodgers and Hart tune from the musical Present Arms in the recent movie musical Fame, as performed by Megan Mullally. A fresh, comedic, and jazzy rendition, arranged just for your ladies.

__ SSA, 00-33138
__ SoundTrax CD 00-33139

Listen Now - 2007 Podcast
You'd Be Surprised

Greg Gilpin has taken this cute Irving Berlin number and turned it into something special for SSA choirs. Everyone wondered why all the girls passed Johnny by...except Mary, that is. So let Mary tell you: “He’s not so good in the house, but on a bench in the park, you’d be surprised.” A classic novelty number for the girls.

__ 00-27220, SSA
__ 00-27221, SoundTrax CD

Listen Now - 2014 Podcast
You're Sixteen

The Sherman brothers may be best known for their many Disney contributions, but this pop hit shot them straight to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 when it was covered by Ringo Starr. Quickly-learned harmonies guarantee success!

__ 00-42794, SATB
__ 00-42795, SAB
__ 00-42796, TB
__ 00-42797, SoundTrax CD


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