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Chicken On a Fencepost
Chicken scratchin' fun abounds in Gilpin’s arrangement of this 19th century dance reels Hello Susie Brown and Four in the Middle. Even though this is a novelty piece, it is full of teaching opportunity, rehearsal fun and is sure to be a performance gem.

__ BL890, 2-part

Listen Now - 2015 Podcast
Confitemini Domino
This setting of the well-known Psalm is both thoughtful and reflective in nature. With appropriate ranges and tonal centers, it is an excellent vehicle for introducing SSA part singing to a developing treble choir, while challenging enough for a more advanced choir to demonstrate musical prowess.

__ BL857, SSA
__ BL227, 3-part Mixed/Opt Baritone

Listen Now - 2015 Podcast
Glory Hallelujah, the Saints Go Marchin' In
A great opener, closer, or even encore for your male chorus or ensemble, the innovative arrangement of selected sections of The Battle Hymn of the Republic and When the Saints Go Marching In affords many rhythmic teaching elements. Male ensembles will love learning and performing this new work and are sure to sound fantastic!

__ BL861, TB

A Gospel Alleluia
Greg carries on the contemporary gospel tradition with this bright, uptempo work. Don't expext to stand still for this one. It calls for arm-pumping hand claps and lots of body movement. Your audience will want a repeat of this one.

__ BL439, 3-part mixed
__ BLCD0T10, Accomp. Track

How Can I Keep From Singing: A Gospel Setting
The familiar Quaker text takes on a new meaning in this powerful contemporary gospel style setting. It will move your soul. You won't be able to stand still and perform this one. Your audiences will want to hear this one again and again.

__ BL789, SATB Listen Now - 2013 Podcast
__ BL765, 2-Part Listen Now - 2013 Podcast
__ BL704, SSA Listen Now - 2011 Podcast
__ BL388, 3-part Mixed
__ BLCD00T7, Accomp. Track

Listen Now - 2013 Podcast
Joshua's Battle
After a short, majestic introduction, the vocals in this traditional spiritual arrangement by Greg Gilpin are driven forward by the pulsating, rhythmic piano accompaniment. Based on a Biblical story of the same name, this highly energetic piece is sure to be a favorite with any tenor-bass choir.

__ BL982, SATB
__ BL778, TTB
__ BL 470, 3-Part MiX

Marchin' With the Saints!
(Partner Song with When the Saints Go Marchin’ In)
Greg Gilpin has done it again with this rambunctious partner song incorporating When the Saints Go Marchin’ In! A lot of fun for everyone!

__ 2-Part, BL647

My Lord, What a Morning
The 4 meter of the spiritual against the 3+3+2 feel in the accompaniment creates a striking tension and an energy that propels this arrangement to an exciting climax. The setting is fresh and appealing, the emotion is pure and mysterious, filled with awe and wonder. A must for your mixed ensemble.

__ BL427, 3-part mixed
__ BLCD0T10,Accomp. Track

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
A Peaceful Gloria
Exquisitely expressive, this work pulls the initial text of the Gloria apart and treats each section differently, each beautifully and peacefully. Greg then combines the three sections, bringing together heaven, earth and man to a peaceful, quiet close. There are aesthetic experiences to be found in this work.

__ BL527, 3-part mixed, with opt. Baritone
__ BLCD0T16, Accompaniment Track
__ BL550, SSA Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
__ BCD0T20, Accompaniment Track
__ BL527, 3-part mixed with opt. baritone
__ BLCD0T16, Accompaniment Track

Listen Now - 2015 Podcast
Rise Up, Shepherd, and Follow
Gilpin’s original holiday song, based on a well-known text, is full of syncopated rhythms, interesting and accessible harmonies and is supported by a pulsating piano accompaniment. Choirs of varying abilities will sound fantastic at holiday time and will find this song fun to learn and perform.

__ BL882, SATB

There is Sweet Music Here
With text from Alfred Lord Tennyson, Greg Gilpin has penned a very expressive work that delievers the wonderful example of word painting by the poet. Gilpin has been able to achieve a high level of musicality without demanding extreme range in any voice part.

__ BL974, 3-Part Mixed
__ SATB, BL684

Triumphant Gloria
This Gloria is bold and exciting. Alternating voices create an antiphonal effect. The ending is dynamic and strong. Easy to learn, but powerful in approach. Don't pass this one up. Add the trumpet trio if you want added color and power. (Medium Easy)

__ BL278 SSA, opt. a cappella
__ BLB278 Trumpet Trio Parts
__ BLCD00T3 Accomp. Track

Ubi Caritas
Already a best-seller as a 3-part mixed setting, Greg Gilpin has now reworked the Ubi Caritas text for SSA voices. The vocal lines and harmonies in this work are exquisite!

__ BL703, SSA Listen Now - 2011 Podcast
__ 3-part mixed, BL631

Listen Now - 2011 Podcast
What You Gonna Call Your Pretty Little Baby?

With a majestic opening, Greg Gilpin has used an energetic, rhythmic accompaniment to set this familiar Christmas text. The ending gives an opportunity for a descant voice (or section) that adds richness to the texture. This piece is a great opener or closer for your holiday concert.

__ BL696, 2-part



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