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Listen Now - 2009 Podcast
A Joyful Bah Da Bah

You already know the words because they’re all in the title! This nonsensical, polyphonic exercise if infectiously fun to perform!

__ CD9118, 3-part mixed

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
Armed Forces - The Pride of America
Here is the definitive version of a patriotic musical armed forces tribute. With the official songs from all five service branches of the armed forces in addition to the Pledge of Allegiance and the Star Spangled Banner; Armed Forces - The Pride of America most certainly speaks to everyone who is proud to be an American. Beautifully woven together with classic march melodies, this piece will have audiences humming in the aisles.
All parts are written to be easily performed, requiring little rehearsal or preparation to create a thrilling concert experience. Designed to be presented independently by band, orchestra and chorus in any voicing, all versions of this medley can also be performed together. The Concert Band arrangement is by Larry Clark.

__ CM9481, SSA
__ CM8973, SATB
__ CM8974, 3-part mixed
__ CM8975, 2-part
__ CM8976, TTBB
__ CPS61, Optional Concert Band Accompaniment
__ CPS61F, Optional Concert Band Score
__ CPS61P, Optional Concert Band Individual Part

Baby, What You Goin' to Be?
Natalie Sleeth; arranged by Greg Gilpin
This faithful adaptation of a gem from the Carl Fischer has been prepared by master arranger Greg Gilpin in his usual expert manner. The music's radiant simplicity is well served and the graceful, singable lines will be easily mastered by a young mixed choir.
(Ranges/SAB: Soprano: Eb-Eb; Alto: Ab-Bb; Bass: Db-Db)

__ CM8722, SAB
__ CM7790, SATB
__ CM7791, Unison/2-part Treble

Christ the Lord Is Risen Today
Using elements of the familiar easy text by Charles Wesley, Greg Gilpin has created a new anthem for Easter that will fire up the choir with its infectious energy and enliven Eastertide programs immeasurably.
With Keyboard

__ CM8698, SATB

NEW for 2016 - Listen Now
E Pluribus Unum
E Pluribus Unum, "out of many, one", is the phrase on the Seal of the United States. Never codified by law, the phrase was considered a de facto motto of the United States until 1956. This sets the tone for this strong setting for developing tenor-bass ensembles.  Gilpin affords singers the opportunity to develop independent part-singing with pure, uniform, Latin vowels.

__ CM9441, TTB

Fa-La-La Fantasie
Natalie Sleeth; arranged by Greg Gilpin
The choral writing of Natalie Sleeth need no introduction, nor does her ingenious, Fa-la-la Fantasie! Originally written for SATB voices, Greg Gilpin has masterfully arranged this standard for SAB and 2-part choirs. A cappella writing at its best is presented in this madrigal-style choral work, which gives individual vocal parts the opportunity to shine, while creating exciting patterns in conjunction with the other parts. Rhythmic energy and articulation are the key elements to making this selection perfect for holiday concert or contest performance.

__ CM7800, SATB
__ CM8786, SAB
__ CM8787, 2 part

The Gifts You've Given to My Life
What a tribute! Greg has difined the appreciation of children to parents and students to teachers in a moving and inspiring, original piece. The definitive selection for graduations, teacher appreciation events, Mother's or Father's Days, this is destined to become a standard in this area. Written in verse and chorus form, the repetition makes for easy memorizing while the range and parts are simple enough for any choir.

__ CM8875, 2-part
__ CM8874, SATB
__ CM8874CD, Accomp. Track

Hey Ho, Nobody's Home
With vocal accents, folk style and rhythmic displacement, Greg Gilpin creates a show stopping arrangement of this traditional folk song round. Written for three-part voices in any combination, this piece is perfect for choirs of all ages and provides excellent reaching opportunities for vocal technique development. Published in open score, the celebrated round is the perfect road map for part singing and harmonization. Sheer fun and entertaining, this is the perfect program piece for any concert.

__ CM8861, 3-part (any combination)

(There's No Place Like) Home for the Holidays
by Al Stillman and Robert Allen; arranged by Greg Gilpin
Greg Gilpin has fashioned a superb new arrangement of this tremendously popular Christmas song. Touches of swing style and a wonderfully colorful piano part are a perfect match for the warm and traditionally American sentiments of this wonderful pop tune.
With Keyboard

__ CM8827, SATB
__ CM8827CD, Accompaniment CD

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
I'm Going There! (Wayfaring Stranger)

This new arrangement of Wayfaring Stranger has a mysterious and rhythmic feel throughout. It begins as a solo or unison voices then expands into three part harmony, with excellent voice-leading for easy teaching and learning. All of this is with original music and there's a lot of play between voices as well with the "I'm goin' there" phrase. At the key change, the choir continues what it has been singing with a descant above using the original melody. Its fresh, unique and powerful.

__ CM9085, 3-part mixed

In These Delightful, Pleasant Groves
Greg Gilpin has revoiced this classic English madrigal from Purcell. The clean arrangement and rehearsal accompaniment make this a great selection for the developing chorus. Perfect for festival or concert.

__ 3-Part Mixed, CM9165

Island Noel
This is an original Christmas novelty piece in calypso style by one of today's best-known writers of school choral music. Gilpin uses the "fun" feel of a tropical Christmas to engage both singers and audience. With choreography offered by the writer and an accompaniment track that is sure to make you feel you are in the tropics, every multicultural holiday concert will swing happily with this calypso-style concert piece.
With Keyboard

__ CM8791, 3 Part Mixed
__ CM8791CD, Accompaniment CD

Jazz Gloria (Natalie Sleeth*)
This hardy perennial remains one of the most popular selections in the Carl Fischer catalog, a zestful delight. The simple modal elements of the piece circulate from voice to voice and coupled with the lively jazz-inflected accompaniment for 3 Trumpets, String Bass and Bongos create a piece whose popularity is undiminished after 30 years in print. The newly re-engraved original SATB version is joined by versions for SAB and Two-part Treble voices; expertly prepared by Greg Gilpin.
(Ranges/SATB: Soprano: C-high A; Alto: C-D; Tenor: C-D; Bass: C-D)
With 3 Trumpets, String Bass and Bongos

__ *CM7752, SATB(div.)
__ CM8694, Two-part Treble
__ CM8694, SAB
__ CM7752A, Instrumental Parts
__ CM8706CD, Instrumental accompaniment CD
Moderately Difficult - General/Christmas

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
Let Us Sing Jubilate Deo!

Written for the Oklahoma Music Educator's Convention Children's Choir, Greg has created a fantastic opening festival choral using the familiar Latin text with original and bold music. Beginning and ending with fanfare, the middle section incorporates individual melodies "stacked" and creating vocal excitement that carries to the final triumphant chord. A wonderful choral for teaching, singing and performing.

__ CM9500, SATB
__ CM9089, 3-part mixed
__ CM9090, SSA

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
Little Brown Jug
Greg Gilpin has a real knack for taking a children’s folk song and turning it into a brilliant concert performance piece, and Little Brown Jug is no exception. This is perfect for middle school and elementary choirs that are learning to sing parts independently. The partner song form with an adorable bridge allows young singers to experience choral music and have fun at the same time. Perfect!

__ CM8963, 3-part mixed

Love in the 50's Medley
Here's the perfect Valentine's Love theme showcase, or homecoming special number! Greg Gilpin combines Robert Allen standards, "A Very Special Love," "Chances Are", and "Everybody Loves a Lover" to create a wonderful show choir setting. Easy to learn, memorize and fun to perform, the selections sing themselves, ending with the boys and girls duet on "Everybody Loves a Lover." Very special!

__ CM8879, SATB
__ CM8879CD, Accomp. Track

O God of Grace
An original poetic and prayerful text is set to a simple, hymn-like melody in this piece, which focuses on the unbounded grace of God. Written in a straightforward four-part style, with verses and chorus, the SATB choral is easy to sing, but certainly full in sound. Incorporating an a cappella tag from the chorus of “Grace Greater Than Our Sin,” by Julia H. Johnson and Daniel B Townes, this anthem is an expert combination of contemporary sound and traditional church literature. Perfect for any service of worship and easily learned, this is a beautiful new addition to the church music repertoire.
Hymn Anthem/Faith
with Keyboard

__ CM8777, SATB

Listen Now - 2007 Podcast
Our Grand Finale

The ultimate end of year, end of concert piece is now available as a 2-part! Our Grand Finale pokes genial fun at the whole theatrical tradition of a big, splashy number to get the performers off the stage at the end of the show. Easy to perform and fun for all, this selection will be particularly useful for graduation and/or spring concerts.
(Ranges/SATB: Soprano: C-F; Alto: Bb-C; Tenor: F-C; Bass: Ab-Bb)

__ 2-part (new) CM8990
__ CM8724, SATB
__ CM8723, SAB
__ CM8724CD, Instrumental accompaniment CD

Ride On Redeemer King
The perfect Palm Sunday anthem or Easter/Christmas pageant “Triumphant Entry” selection, this piece, by two very noted writers uses both original material and the familiar hymn tune “All Glory and Honor.” The SATB arrangement can be learned in a few rehearsals, making it a great choice for choral directors and choirs during holiday seasons. The setting includes solo opportunities and/or small ensemble options, which broadens the choices for performance.
Easter/Palm Sunday
With Keyboard

__ CM8773, SATB

Listen Now - 2011 Podcast
Ring in the Holidays

What an energetic opener for a holiday concert! Greg Gilpin has written a driving gospel rock selection encouraging us to “Ring in the holidays with a song of joy”! Perfect for any ensemble or show choir.

__ CM9229, SATB

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
Silent Night

Taking inspiration from Satie's Gymnopedie No. 1, this expressive setting of "Silent Night" will be a fine addition for easy level bands and choirs, although more advanced bands and choirs will enjoy programming it as well. The simplistic, sparse nature of Satie's writing wraps beautifully around this delicate carol. Uniquely satisfying! Band arrangement by Larry Clark.

__ CM9027, SATB
__ CM9028, 3-part mixed
__ CM9029, SSA
__ YPS24, Wind Band Arrangement

Listen Now - 2007 Podcast
Sing Joy, Sing Gaudia!
(A Seasonal Processional)
" Welcome this festive day, music we now bring!" Greg Gilpin has written an original festival piece for two-part voices of any combination. The vocal lines are easy to sing, while the piano accompaniment adds rhythmic excitement and a driving momentum that continues right up to the last chord. As Greg suggests, the piece may be used as a processional for celebration concerts or holiday performances. Expertly written, this is an exceptional selection!

__ CM8865, 2-part (any combination)
__ CM9024, SATB (new)

Sing With Joy, Joyfully Sing
A memorable tune and seasonally accented, but non-sectarian words make this new piece from the popular Greg Gilpin ideal for winter holiday programming. There is one brief division in the soprano part, but ranges are reasonable and the singable lines, mostly scales with narrow leaps and well prepared changes of harmony, should be easy to master.
(Ranges/SATB: Soprano: C-G; Alto: C-D; Tenor: F-Eb; Bass: Ab-D)
With Keyboard

__ CM8702, 3-Part Mixed
__ CM8703, SATB

Listen Now - 2007 Podcast
There Will Be a New Day
A bold and bracing new inspirational choral selection by a master choral music composer, There Will Be a New Day has energy and takes a syncopated joy in the richness life has to offer. This makes an excellent choral piece with which to energize young people with hope for the future and will be a big hit with their audience, as well.
With Keyboard

__ CM8790, SATB
__ CM9025, 3-part mixed (new)
__ CM8790CD, Accompaniment CD

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
There’ll Be Joy
With a gospel-rock feel and accompaniment rhythm track, this motivational piece will inspire your singers and audience, alike. Very easy to learn, with natural harmonies that provide an excellent teaching opportunity for part singing, and a rhythm sure to keep you clapping and tapping, this is.

__ CM8954, SATB
__ CM8954, Accompaniment Rhythm track CD

This Triumphant Season!
Rowland H. Prichard: arranged by Greg Gilpin
As the title implies, this is a festive anthem especially appropriate for celebratory occasions. It uses three triumphant hymn texts appropriate for either general use, Easter of Christmas. Greg Gilpin has taken the beautiful hymn, Jesus! What a Friend for Sinners (Hyfrydol), and set it in a bold, gospel style that will have everyone clapping and swaying.
With Keyboard

__ CM8768, SATB
__ CM8768CD, Accompaniment CD

Listen Now - 2009 Podcast
This Winter Night

A breathtaking look at the holiday seasonwith original text by Greg Gilpin. Alternately simple and complex, Gilpins’ This Winter Night delivers a thoughtful text in a pleasing piece.

__ CM9135, SATB

Listen Now - 2009 Podcast
Ubi Caritas

Greg Gilpin delivers a truly elegant setting of the “Ubi Caritas text, employing a few independent melody lines for variety without being too exposed.

__ BL631, 3-part mixed

Listen Now - 2011 Podcast
Vocal Prelude in C Major

Take one part Bach and one part Glee, mix them together and you have Greg Gilpin’s vocal realization based on the Prelude in C Major from Bach’s Well-tempered Clavier. Outstanding selection for you ensemble at any time!

__ CM9227, SATB

We Never Really Say Goodbye
A heart-felt original, with words and music by Greg Giplin, that will be especially effective as a graduation concert selection. The thoughtful and tuneful quality of the piece is most attractive and will give this selection great appeal to both choir and audience.
(Ranges/SATB: Soprano: D-D; Alto: C-D; Tenor: E-Eb; Bass: Bb-C)
With Keyboard

__ CM8699, 3-Part Mixed
__ CM8700, SATB
__ CM8701, SSA


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