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NEW for 2016 - Listen Now
Antiphonal Cantate
Whether performed on risers, as a processional, or encircling the audience, this celebratory fanfare is the perfect opening number for concert or festival and is appropriate for use throughout the school year. The middle section is in 3/2 and provides an interesting and fun contrast. The text both in easy Latin and English, and an optional English text is provided for sacred use.

__ CGE80, 3-Part Mixed
__ CDE81, 2-Part
__ CGECD37, P/A CD

Listen Now - 2015 Podcast
Bring Me Little Water, Silvy
In this outstanding, dynamic arrangement of the Huddie Ledbetter tune, Greg has captured the strong rhythmic pulse and harmonic energy that is characteristic of the Lead Belly style. To intensify the driving pulse of the chorus, it is suggested that Percussion instruments (Shaker, Guiro, High Drum and Low Drum) and Body Percussion be added. Suggestions for both are included, along with some interesting historical information. This creative programming gem will provide a marvelous contrast on your next concert or festival.

__ CGE25 SATB a cappella with Opt. Percussion and/or Body Percussion
__ CGE26 SSAB a cappella with Opt. Percussion and/or Body Percussion
__ CGE27 SSAA a cappella with Opt. Percussion and/or Body Percussion

Listen Now - 2015 Podcast
Drying Their Wings
Greg's stunning setting of the Vachel Lindsay poem features an expressive accompaniment that flows and weaves underneath the soaring melodic lines which seem to rise and fall, as if flying. This exquisite text allows for interpretation on many levels and sparks imaginative imagery. Also a wonderful teaching piece, it is a superb choice for concert or festival. A Learning Resource Page is included.

__ CGE11 SSA
__ CGE12 2-Part

Listen Now - 2011 Podcast
Every Time I Feel the Spirit

This dynamice arrangement of the popular spiritual uses a rhythmic piano accompaniment, tight vocal harmonites, and a melodic interchange between the women’s and men’s voices in the verses.

__ SATB, SAT CGA1196

NEW for 2016 - Listen Now
Footprints In the Snow
Creating a mood full of wonder, mystery and anticipation, Gilpin's expressive original is a superb choice for your winter or holiday concert. The hauntingly beautiful minor melody is first stated in unison. It then expands into full harmony, culminating in an ending of quiet unison. This piece provides wonderful opportunities to teach phrasing, text interpretation, rubato and to experience a full range of dynamics. "I see footprints in the snow, where they lead, I do not know. Who is this traveler all alone? Should I folloW... or turn for home?"

__ CGE118, SATB
__ CGE119, SSA
__ CGE120, SAB

NEW for 2016 - Listen Now
Goin' Now to See the Baby
Driving rhythms, syncopation, and a full spectrum of dynamic create an air of mystery and a sense of anticipation in this memorable contemporary original. Strong unison lines are complemented by full harmonies and a short descant for either a soloist or small group of sopranos lifts propels the piece to its dynamic conclusion. You don’t want to miss this Christmas showpiece, which will provide a marvelous contrast to your holiday programming.

__ CGE126, SATB
__ CGE127, SAB
__ CGECD54, P/A CD

Listen Now - 2013 Podcast
Little Innocent Lamb

Light and bright, with a creative bouncy accompaniment that adds some rhythmic surprises along the way, this marvelous setting of the traditional spiritual is a welcome addition to the repertoire for young and developing choirs. Full of dynamic contrasts, it also features nice textural contrasts, including unison lines, part-singing and some call and response. A Learning Resource Page is included.

__ CGE13 3-Part Mixed Listen Now - 2015 Podcast
__ CGE14 2-Part Listen Now - 2015 Podcast
__ CGA1359, Unison/2-Part
__ CGAC1358, Accompaniment CD

Listen Now - 2012 Podcast
My Lord, What A Morning

Greg Gilpin has created a spiritual arrangement that will enhance the choral library of both school and church choirs. Gilpin’s setting of My Lord, What a Morning will be a quick learn for your youth or adult choir, but is still interesting and unique throughout. A key change and solo or small group descant will propel the piece to the conclusion, where the text “My Lord, what a morning” is repeated in awe and wonder.

__ SATB, CGA1287

Listen Now - 2015 Podcast
Please Don't Sing Another "Fa La La"!
You can sing of snow or Santa's “Ho, ho, ho”. But please don't sing another “Fa la la”! This clever novelty piece addresses the fact that so many holiday songs feature Fa la la choruses and pleads for the audience to sing about anything else but Fa la la by suggesting a multitude of other holiday themes and ideas. The hilarious text is set in a Broadway-esque musical style over a bright, rhythmically driving accompaniment suitable for the stage. There are opportunities for solo features and it's a breeze to learn and perform. Oh, and just wait for that surprise ending...

__ CGE34 3-Part Mixed
__ CGE35 2-Part

NEW for 2016 - Listen Now
Tafta Hindi
Look no further for that unique multicultural programming gem. Gilpin's setting of this Middle Eastern folk song is bright, fun and flirtatious! The text, in classic Arabic, tells the story of a traveling salesman selling Indian muslin, taffeta and other pretty material and wares for women to purchase. The Arabic is repetitive, easily learned, and helps fuel the rhythmic feel of the melody and overall style of the piece. A pronunciation guide and translation are provided, along with helpful performance notes.

__ CGE128, 3-Part Mixed
__ CGE129, 2-Part
__ CGECD55, P/A CD

NEW for 2016 - Listen Now
When the Train Comes Along Medley
Three popular spirituals: When the Train Comes Along; This Train; and The Gospel Train comprise this dynamic and rhythmic mini-medley. Packing tons of energy, it’s also a fabulous choice for use as a closing number or encore.  Gilpin’s smart piano accompaniment emulates the rhythmic motion of a train and provides added interest and excitement.

__ CGE115, SATB
__ CGE116, SAB
__ CGE117, 2-Part
__ CGECD51, P/A CD

Listen Now - 2011 Podcast
Who Will Keep God's Lambs
John Parker’s touching poetry and Dvorak’s famous tune from his New World Symphony have been masterfully partnered in this anthem by Greg Gilpin. Like a lullaby, the piano embraces the flowing melody and expresses the gentleness in which God keeps his sheep. Expressive vocal lines will assist in teaching children about phrasing and an optional second part sweetly harmonizes the melody.

__ Unison/two-part with piano, CGA1211


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