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Listen Now - 2007 Podcast
Dance While the Music Sings to You (Heny Leck Series)
This unison, choral gem works for children’s and adult choirs because of it’s uniqueness, originality and melodic craft. The piano accompaniment supplies harmony and movement while the vocal line acts as its own instrument, painting the lyric with narrow and broad strokes. A wonderful work to teach unison singing, blend and dissonance. Stunning in its simplicity. A programming find!

__ 20-96440, Unison
__ 2-part

Listen Now - 2010 Podcast
Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burnin'
Now in a NEW SAB voicing, take a look at this nicely rhythmic setting of this spiritual.  Interlocking vocals sing over a pulsating piano accompaniment that interprets a text of joyous anticipation.  For school or church choirs, this is a refreshing and satisfying work that will be enjoyed by all who hear.

__ SAB,     20-96435  NEW VOICING!
__ 2-part,  Treble Voices 20-96430 Listen Now - 2006 Podcast



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