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Listen Now - 2009 Podcast
Adeste Fideles

Exuding a fanfare-like feel, this exuberant original is absolutely joyful, no matter where it is programmed on a concert! The call and response style is easily learned and lends itself to antiphonal performance. Adding the flute, bells and percussion will lend a celebratory and robust touch to this dynamic work, equally effective in school or church settings.

__ 15/2541H, SATB with Descant and Flute, Bells and Percussion      
__ 15/2556H, Three-part Mixed with Descant and Flute, Bells and Percussion      
__ 15/2573H, Two-part with Descant and Flute, Bells and Percussion     
__ 99/2412H, Performance/Accompaniment CD

Listen Now - 2007 Podcast
Always Believe (A Song for December)
“For some, this is a season of hope. For some, this is a season of faith. For others, it’s a season full of dreams…and there those who just enjoy the winter snow and all the beauty nature can bring…And in this season, there’s a wonderful reason to share ourselves and all that we are…Always believe the love that’s deep in your heart.” This gentle, seasonal ballad will touch the hearts of singers and audiences and leave them with a hopeful, positive message. (from the collection, Pictures of December - 30/2112H)

__ 15/2282H, SATB
__ 15/23012H, SAB
__ 15/2339H, 2-part
__ 99/2127H, Performance/Accompaniment CD

And The Night Shall Be Filled with Music
Featuring a cascading, a cappella vocal introduction, and complimented by a hushed, spoken chant midway through the piece, this reflective work is a marvelous creative programming choice for developing choirs.

__ 15/3191H, SSA Listen Now - 2015 Podcast
__ 15/1894H, SATB

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
Be a Santa Claus
“Jingle, jingle, like Kris Kringle, spread some merry cheer! It’s that time of year! Everyone can be a Santa Claus!” This original gem just sparkles! Complete with partner song format, a spoken ‘rap-style’ descant, and performance suggestions, it’s replete with the holiday spirit. From the collection, So Much MORE to Sing About! (30/1930H).

__ 15/2098H, 2-part with Descant
__ 99/1962H, Performance/Accompaniment CD

Listen Now - 2007 Podcast
Blow, Winds of All

Vivid imagery depicting the change of seasons is portrayed in this gorgeous piece, painted with beauty and simplicity. From its hushed opening, it builds to full choral sonorities, tapering to an ending of quiet splendor.

__ 15/2245H, SATB
__ 99/2077H, Performance/Accompaniment CD

Listen Now - 2012 Podcast
Busy, Busy Bumblebee

From the imaginative pen of Greg Gilpin comes this entertaining exercise in diction, dynamics, and alliteration. Featuring a unique 6/8 feel that emphasizes the rhythm of the text and a piano accompaniment that emulates the sound of a bumblebee darting and diving all around, this creative programming gem is sure to have your singers buzzing for more.

__ 15/2904H, Two-part
__ 99/2945H, P/A CD

Listen Now - 2009 Podcast
Cantamos Juntos (We Sing Together)

A charming original whose Spanish and English lyrics pose the question: “If we sing in harmony, why can’t we live in harmony?… We sing together, our voices unite us, our hearts unite us. Appreciate, respect, it will bring us peace.” There are opportunities for solos, a complementing Descant, and parts for flute, shakers, high drum and low drum, all which enhance the performance of this expressive, meaningful work. A Spanish pronunciation and translation guide is included.

__ 15/2725H, Three-part Mixed with Flute and Percussion - Listen Now - 2011 Podcast
__ 15/2574H, Two-part with Flute and Percussion    
__ 99/2426H, Performance/Accompaniment CD

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
Chiu, Chiu, Chiu
This charming, festive folk song from Uruguay is an absolute delight! Both Spanish and English lyrics are included, as well as parts for triangle, claves, high and low drums. Easily learned, with limited vocal ranges and a melody that practically sings itself! Try adding a Spanish folk dance to round out this multicultural/interdisciplinary experience.

__ 15/2147H, 3-part mixed and Small Percussion
__ 15/2183H, 2-part and Small Percussion
__ 99/1969H, Performance/Accompaniment CD

Come to Me in the Silence of the Night
Rossetti’s artful text has been scrumptiously set with gorgeous melodies building to full choral sonorities. From its hushed, mysterious beginning, this musical portrait is painted with poignant beauty and simplicity.

__ 15/3056H, SSA Listen Now - 2014 Podcast
__ SATB, 15/2611H
__ P/A CD 99/2569H

Listen Now - 2011 Podcast
The Crawdad Song

Quick-witted humor infuses all aspects of this clever Greg Gilpin arrangement of a traditional folk song. Rhythmic lyrics, engaging interplay between all parts, body percussion, and a sprightly accompaniment all ensure that your choir will enjoy performing this fantastic concert opener or closer. You get a line, I’ll get a pole. We’ll go fishin’ at the crawdad hole!

__ 15/2807H, SATB
__ 15/2808H, TTBB
__ 99/2786H, Performance/Accompaniment CD

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
Dance, Love, Sing, Live!
Dance as though no one is watching you. Love as though no one has hurt
you. Sing as though no one can hear you. Live as though heaven’s on earth.
These well-loved words are brought to life in this bright, inspirational setting, beginning with the gentle request of “Open your eyes”. The second section dances with ad-lib percussion and a lilting flute part, leading to the full sonorities of the ending.

__ 15/2464H, 2-part with Flute and Percussion (Shaker, Congas or Bongos)
__ 99/2293H, Performance/Accompaniment CD

Listen Now - 2013 Podcast
Deck the Hall with Haydn

What do Franz Joseph Haydn, Greg Gilpin, and the familiar Deck the Hall lyrics have in common? They’re the ingredients that combine to create this novelty show stopper for your holiday concerts! The optional triangle parts will add a festive flair to this terrific opener, closer, or encore piece.

__ 15/3038H, SATB
__ 15/3039H, SAB
__ 15/3040H, 2-Part
__ 99/3077H, P/A CD

Listen Now - 2013 Podcast
Do I Hear You Gossiping?

This humorous novelty piece set in a minor mode, tells a memorable story about the dangers of gossiping. Ample unison and echo singing allow for quick learning, and Greg’s optional choreography notes are available as a free downloadable file so that you can add visual interest to this entertaining piece.

__ 15/2979H, 2-Part
__ 99/3047H, P/A CD

Folk Song Nonsense
Light and sheer fun, this creative, upbeat medley quotes the crazy/nonsense rhymes and choruses from ten folk favorites.

__ 15/1787H, Two-part (SOS)

Listen Now - 2009 Podcast
Fun, Fun, Fun!
On December Five and Twenty
Incorporating the traditional Spanish carol Fum, Fum, Fum, this incredibly creative piece also features a contrasting, madrigal-like Fa La La middle section and a festive original text about the holiday hustle and bustle. It’s certain to be a huge hit on your holiday concert! On December five and twenty, fun, fun, fun! Hang a stocking by the chimney....All the laughter and the singing, wondering what Santa’s bringing, fun, fun, fun!

__ 15/3333H, SSA NEW for 2016 - Listen Now
__ TB with Descant, 15/2671H
__ 3-Part Mixed/SAB, with Descant 15/2646H
__ 2-Part, with Descant (NH) 15/2661H
__ 15/3010H, Unison Listen Now - 2013 Podcast
__ 99/2588H, P/A CD for the TB, 3-Pat Mixed and 2-Part editions
__ 99/3059H, P/A CD for the Unison edition

Hark, How Great Our Joy
A creative weaving of favorite carols ranging from a dance-like Celtic feel to an exuberant outburst of joy.

__ 10/3147LA, SATB

Haru Ga Kita (Spring Has Come)
A simply charming setting of a Japanese folk song about the arrival of Spring. Extremely accessible for developing choirs, this is a delightful change-of-pace selection for multicultural programming. A translation and simple pronunciation guide is included.

__ 15/1624H, Two-part

Listen Now - 2011 Podcast
He is Born with Pat-A-Pan

This tasty melding of two carol favorites creatively weaves the familiar tunes together with a hip, rhythmic groove and ostinati throughout. An absolute winner for young and developing choirs, it is sure to become a perennial staple. The original French text, along with a pronunciation guide, is included as a performance option for He Is Born.

__ 15/2810H, Three-part Mixed/SAB with Flute and Drum
__ 15/2811H, Two-part with Flute and Drum
__ 99/2788H, Performance/Accompaniment CD

Listen Now - 2013 Podcast
Ho, Ho, Watanay

Incorporating partner melodies, echo, and simple two-part singing, this soothing and gentle setting is an excellent choice for teaching soft, lyrical singing. The repetitive chorus is in Iroquois, while the verses are in English, and the optional instrumentation adds to the multicultural flavor.

__ 15/3190H, SAB/3-Part Mixed Listen Now - 2015 Podcast
__ 14/3041H, 2-Part with opt. Record (flute) and Perucssion
__ 99/3078H, P/A CD

A Holiday Handjive
"Deck the Hall", "Jingle Bells", & "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" is a cleverly arranged and often partnered in the style of hand jive. Upbeat, easily-learned, and fun to perform, this novelty piece will set any concert apart from the norm! Suggestions for simple hand jive movements are included.

__ 15/1367H, Two-part (SOS)
__ 15/1759H, Three-part Mixed
__ 99/1744H, Performance/Accompaniment CD

Listen Now - 2011 Podcast
Hold Steady with the Gate

Exciting choral writing, strong rhythmic textures, and dramatic dynamic contrasts all characterize this exuberant original spiritual from the pens of Greg Gilpin and John Parker. Optional solos for all parts offer opportunities for individual singers to shine in this incredible show stopper that is certain to bring audiences to their feet.

__ 15/2809H, SATB divisi, a cappella
__ 99/2787H, Performance/Rehearsal CD

Holidays Are Coming! (from So Much to Sing About!)
All the excitement and anticipation of the various December holidays are wrapped up in this up-tempo offering, from the collection, So Much to Sing About! (Ten Songs for Special Times Throughout the School Year) (30/1889H).

__ 15/1945H, 2part with Descant (SOS) and Opt. Sleigh Bells

Listen Now - 2007 Podcast
Hukilau (Fishing Party)

Oh, we’re goin’ to a hukilau!” Get out the grass skirts and put on the colorful leis! This will be the hit of your concert when you have everyone performing the hula and the audience joining in on the chorus! (How about including your faculty and administrators?) Also included in this fun work are the hula choreography, interesting information on Hawaii , pronunciation and vocabulary guides, and reproducible lyrics for audience participation.

__ 15/2259H, 3-part mixed/SAB
__ 15/2267H, 2-part
__ 99/2122H, Performance/Accompaniment CD

Listen Now - 2014 Podcast
I'm Bound for Jubilee

This dynamic spiritual-style opener or closer is an excellent programming choice for your next concert or festival! The exquisite use of unison and layered vocals enhances the harmonic interest of this exciting, up-tempo original work.

__ 15/3122H, SATB
__ 15/3123H, SAB
__ 99/3507H, Performance/Accompaniment CD

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
I Can’t Wait ‘til Recess
“Tick, tock…patiently I watch the clock. Reading and writing are fun, that’s true. But, there’s something else I can’t wait to do. It’s a special time of day when we all go out and play!” This extremely clever original will bring smiles to everyone! Complete with ‘rap-style’ spoken verses about all the exciting things to do at recess and its partner song format, it’s a snap to learn. Performance suggestions are included. From the collection, So Much MORE to Sing About! (30/1930H).

__ 15/2099H, 12-part with Descant
__ 99/1963H, 1Performance/Accompaniment CD

Listen Now - 2009 Podcast
I Lift My Lamp (The “New Colossus”)

Greg has beautifully set Emma Lazarus’ moving tribute to the Statue of Liberty, while providing a marvelous opportunity for young people to learn and recite this truly inspirational and emotional poem. Have your audience join in on the chorus for that optimum patriotic moment. (from the collection, The Words We Live By – 30/2041H)

__ 15/2544H, Three-part Mixed       
__ 15/2544H, Two-part with Descant
__ 15/2544H, Performance/Accompaniment CD 

NEW for 2016 - Listen Now
I Plant You a Garden
Gently flowing musical lines, a well-wishing work effective for any moving-on ceremony.

__ 15/3362H, SATB
__ 99/3626H, P/A CD

Listen Now - 2012 Podcast
I See a Star

Simply charming for young and developing choirs, this touching piece offers a wish for the world to find the hope, peace, and love that it needs. With memorable melodies and a bridge featuring hints of star light, star bright, first star I see tonight, it is usable throughout the year as a song of peace and will make an especially effective addition to Christmas, winter, and holiday concerts.

__ 15/3188H, SATB Listen Now - 2015 Podcast
__ 15/2905H, Three-part Mixed
__ 15/2906H, Two-part
__ 99/2946H, P/A CD

In Dulci Jubilo
This melodically expressive piece showcases a combination of simple Latin and English lyrics and will be visually striking as well, when performed with the American Sign Language suggestions. Duration: 2:30.

__ 15/1786H, Two-part (SOS) and Optional Flute, Hand Drum, and American Sign Language
__ 99/1773H, Performance/Accompaniment CD

Listen Now - 2012 Podcast
In Virtute Tua

Written to premiere at the 2012 Generations Together in Music concert at Carnegie Hall, this gorgeous original piece features emotive and dramatic choral writing that spans the full gamut of dynamics and expression. The traditional Latin text is set with rich vocal harmonies and accompanied by a distinctly melodic recurring piano theme. A pronunciation guide for the Latin text is included.

__ 15/2907H, SATB with opt. Orchestra
__ 15/2908H, SSA with opt. Orchestra
__ 99/2947H, P/A CD
__ 30/2872H, Orchestral Score and Parts by Paul Langford
Fl, Ob, Cl, Bsn, 2 Perc, Timp, Pno, Harp, 2 Vln, Vla, Cello, Bass

Listen Now - 2014 Podcast
A Jolly, Jingling Carol Medley

This concise arrangement seamlessly strings together six carol favorites, featuring various twists on meter and style while maintaining accessibility. It is perfect as a festive opener or closer that audiences and singers will love.

__ 15/3334H, 3-Part Mixed NEW for 2016 - Listen Now
__ 15/33342H, TB NEW for 2016 - Listen Now
__ 15/3124H, Two-part
__ 99/3509H, Performance/Accompaniment CD

Listen Now - 2014 Podcast
Just Like Clockwork

Singers emulate the sound of ticking clocks as each voice part enjoys its own independent melody before uniting in a full partner song format. Orff and small percussion instruments can add a vibrant texture and opportunities abound to teach rhythm, dynamics, diction, and pitch.

__ 15/3139H, Three-part Mixed
__ 14/3140H, Two-part with opt. Descant
__ 99/3521H, Performance/Accompaniment CD

Listen Now - 2009 Podcast
La Bamba

Dance Song
Spice up your concert with this festive arrangement of the Mexican folk-song favorite! Pronunciation and translation guides are included, and the creative accompaniment track on the CD will enhance the fun of your performance. (From the collection Friends to the North and Friends to the South—30/2483H)

__ 2-Part, (SOS) 15/2697H
__ P/A CD 99/2623H

Listen Now - 2013 Podcast
A Legacy of Life

A quotation from the Inuit poem provides a wonderful opening to this inspiring celebration of the idea of making the most of each day as each of us build our own Legacy of Life.

__ 15/3074H, SATB
__ 15/3077H, TTBB

Listen Now - 2013 Podcast
Let Liberty Ring (The Liberty Bell)

Greg Gilpin’s dynamic and moving ballad tells the fascinating story of the Liberty Bell, using it as a metaphor for the strength of the U.S. and Americans. Optional parts for a speaker to read before the song help to make it a solid choice for any patriotic occasion.

__ 15/3009H, Unison
__ 99/3060H, P/A CD

Listen Now - 2009 Podcast
Let's Jingle Everywhere!

Ring in all the excitement, festivities, and slightly frenzied rush of the holiday season with this delightful up-tempo original, incorporating lots of different kinds of bells in ad-lib fashion. Singers will love the
contrasting rhythmic speech sections, which are also full of teaching elements, and your audiences will quickly be lured into the holiday spirit.

__ 15/2543H, Three-part Mixed with opt. Bells         
__ 15/2557H, Two-part with opt. Bells    
__ 99/2414H, Performance/Accompaniment CD

Listen Now - 2009 Podcast

“Electric fingers reaching, Skipping, darting, fleeting…” The vivid imagery and word painting in this creative programming original are further sparked by dynamic contrasts, rhythmic interplay between parts, and the agitated, eerie atmosphere of the piano accompaniment. Set in minor mode, this marvelous teaching piece cleverly takes some unexpected twists and turns along the way!

__ 15/3189H, SATB Listen Now - 2015 Podcast
__ 15/2862H, SSA (NEW VOICING) Listen Now - 2012 Podcast
__ 15/2863H, TB (NEW VOICING) Listen Now - 2012 Podcast
__ 15/2551H, Three-part Mixed    
__ 15/2566H, Two-part     
__ 99/2419H, Performance/Accompaniment CD

Little Star (Venite Adoremus)
This captivating original, reminiscent in style of The Little Drummer Boy, is simply charming and destined to become a holiday favorite. The added instrumentation enhances the mood of this shining example of beauty in simplicity.

__ 15/1928H, 2-part (SOS), Hand Drum, Tambourine, and Flute

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
Look to This Day for It is Life
From its hushed, mysterious opening, the musical portrait of this Sanskrit proverb is painted with beauty and simplicity, building to a gorgeous climax with the opening melody revisited in full choral sonorities. It is also an outstanding selection for graduation or any inspirational performance, and is dedicated to Greg’s brother, Rick Gilpin, celebrating his 25th year of teaching vocal music.

__ 15/2196H, SATB

Make a Joyful Noise
Original text and tune. Youth-like praise anthem; blended. Duration: 2:10

__ 10/2974LA, SATB

Listen Now - 2007 Podcast
Oh, Won't You Sit Down?
Greg has worked his magic and this arrangement is absolutely infectious! By employing rounds, vocal ostinatos and dynamic contrasts, he totally engages us in the energy and intensity of this work. A strong descant is then added to propel this dynamic piece to its exciting conclusion. A creative programming winner!

__ 15/2233H, SATB with Descant
__ 15/2232H, 3-part mixed/ SAB
__ 15/2231H, 2-part
__ 99/2064H, Performance/Accompaniment CD

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
Old House, Tear It Down
Looking for something exciting, fresh and different? Look no further! Greg has arranged this traditional tune with all the ingredients for an absolute show-stopper: a hip, swing feel in minor mode; hand claps; a rhythmic speech section which layers in the excitement and rhythms; and a fabulous accompaniment track. A terrific teaching piece!

__ 15/2161H, 3-part mixed
__ 15/2195H, 2-part
__ 99/1971H, Performance/Accompaniment CD

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
Peace Song (with We Shall Overcome)

Two new voicings of a best seller! An original dynamic song of peace is paired with the traditional We Shall Overcome, to create this exciting and profound offering. 2008 marks the 40th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s tragic death, and this powerful, stirring message of world peace is a superb choice to celebrate and reflect upon his remarkable life.  Multiple voicings make it perfect for events from elementary to adult, and especially for combined, multi-level choirs. 

__ 15/2010H, SATB with Descant
__ 15/2009H, SAB with Descant
__ 15/2458H, SSAA with Descant - New voicing!
__ 15/2457H, TTBB with Descant - New voicing!
__ 15/2008H, Two-part with Descant
__ 99/1868H, Performance/Accompaniment CD

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
Quotes of My Friend Ben
2006 marks the 300th birthday of Benjamin Franklin. Why not celebrate and pay tribute to this great American on your spring or fall concert! This bright original features many of his famous words of wisdom and common sense. There is also an optional opening narration, full of interesting facts and tidbits about our friend, Ben.

__ 15/2123H, 2-part
__ 99/1974H, Performance/Accompaniment CD

Listen Now - 2009 Podcast
Someone's in the Kitchen

Someone’s in the kitchen and they’re makin’ some noise, and how! Break out the kitchen utensils, pots, and pans for this rowdy, fun original novelty song about a mysterious noisy chef. Also featured are snippets of the familiar Someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah!, along with clever sections of rhythmic speech and an instrumental break. Creative programming at its best!

__ 3-Part, Mixed/SAB with Descant and Kitchen Utensils 15/2645H 2
__ 2-Part, with Descant and Kitchen Utensils (SOS) 15/2660H
__ P/A CD 99/2599H

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
A Star Dances, An Angel Sings

This captivating original dances as the light of Christmas dances above Bethlehem proclaiming the joy of the season. The simple lyric, telling of an angel, a star and a child, moves rhythmically throughout. The handbells add seasonal flair and colorful texture to this festive work.

__ 15/2452H, SSA and Opt. Handbells (2 octaves)
__ 15/2396H, Three-part Mixed and Opt. Handbells (2 octaves)
__ 15/2379H, Two-part and Opt. Handbells (2 octaves)
__ 99/2248H, Performance/Accompaniment CD

Listen Now - 2012 Podcast
Swing Down, Ezekiel!

Captivate your audience with this bright and spirited setting of the favorite spiritual Swing Down, Chariot that also features touches of Ezekiel Saw the Wheel. Repetition and opportunities for individual part singing spell choral success, the energetic accompaniment adds a banjo-like feel, and an exciting key change introduces a descant crafted from the Ezekiel melody.

__ 15/3344H TB with Descant NEW for 2016 - Listen Now
__ 15/2931H, SAB with Descant
__ 15/2932H, Two-part with Descant
__ 99/2962H, P/A CD

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
There's Room for Many-a-More!

This Train; Get On Board, Little Children (The Gospel Train); and New River Train have been very cleverly incorporated into this up-tempo and energetic medley, featuring a smart, rhythmic piano accompaniment. Each tune is creatively showcased, and This Train and New River Train later weave seamlessly together in partner song format. This will be a favorite for years to come!

__ 15/2455H, SATB
__ 15/2397H, Three-part Mixed/SAB 
__ 15/2381H, Two-part
__ 99/2250H, Performance/Accompaniment CD

Listen Now - 2007 Podcast
The Big Guy in Red

Look no further for this year’s Santa song! This swingin’ original will have your singers and audiences in the Christmas spirit in no time! You’ll ensure success and confidence in your choir with the accessibility and limited ranges of this fun, spirited winner. There is also an optional opening narration included. (from the collection, Pictures of December - 30/2112H)

__ 15/2269H, 2-part
__ 99/2105H, Performance/Accompaniment CD

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
A Travelin’ Folk Song Medley
Get ready to roll with this extremely clever and creative medley featuring a variety of up-tempo folk songs whose themes are about traveling or moving. Included are: She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain; Skip to My Lou; My Home’s Across the Smoky Mountains; Bowling Green; Green Corn.

__ 15/2203H, SAB
__ 15/2202H, 2-part
__ 99/1995H, Performance/Accompaniment CD

Listen Now - 2013 Podcast
Two Di Lasso Motets (I.Inimici Autem II. Alleluia, laus et Gloria)

These two, short Renaissance gems have been carefully arranged for developing choirs by Greg Gilpin. He took special care to retain the beautiful chord structure and progression of the original four-part work, and teaching opportunities abound. Pronunciation and translation guies are included along with performance notes from the arranger.

__ 153045H, SAB a cappella
__ 99/3080H, Perf/Rehearsal CD

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
We Can Build a Bridge

This powerful, pop-style anthem is a marvelous concert closer or multiple choir festival offering. Inspired lyrics and strong choral writing  unite to bring this positive message of hope and peace. It also transfers nicely to the sacred arena for youth choirs and mission work.

__ 15/2456H, SATB with Descant
__ 15/2404H, SAB with Descant
__ 15/2387H, Two-part with Descant
__ 99/2259H, Performance/Accompaniment CD

Listen Now - 2014 Podcast
Welcome Winter on this Night

This peaceful setting, features Bach’s gorgeous Bist du Bei Mir partnered with a gentle original melody and Greg Gilpin’s descriptive winter text. Their simple beauty combines to provide an excellent vehicle for musical expression and interpretation.

__ 15/3125H, SAB
__ 15/3126H, Two-part
__ 99/3510H, Performance/Accompaniment CD

Listen Now - 2011 Podcast

I need to whisper something to you. Whisper, whisper something now! Creative, clever, energetic, and fun describe this song about whispering. This accessible piece is great for teaching dynamics and diction. Young singers will love making whispering noises and shhhs in an adventure in performing at all dynamic levels. Are you listening?

__ 15/2812H, 2-Part
__ 99/2789H
, Performance/Accompaniment CD

Listen Now - 2009 Podcast
With Gladness, Cheer and Song! (A Festive Madrigal)

Individual melodies for each part that layer in partner song format on the chorus provide a creative contrast for the homophonic setting of the verses in this dynamic original madrigal. The only accompanying instruments are Bells and Percussion (triangle, tambourine, high drum and low drum) which
add to the merriment and festive, energetic style. Terrific for smaller ensembles, as well!

__ 15/2536H, SATB, Bells and Percussion      
__ 99/2408H, Performance/Accompaniment CD 

Zum Gali Gali
Israeli Folk Song. Fresh, tasty new setting with spoken chants woven throughout, lending a crisp, rhythmic feel. Accessible, with limited ranges, while the accompanying instruments, (with NO piano), provide a unique color and texture. Duration: 1:35

__ 15/3060H, TB a cappella with Flute and Hand Drum Listen Now - 2014 Podcast
__ 15/1824H, Two-part, a cappella (NH) Hand Drum and Flute


Listen Now - 2006 Podcast

Looking for that special musical presentation that exudes patriotic pride and also educates, as well as honors some of America’s greatest national treasures? Well, look no further! Greg has set to lyric and music an exciting variety of songs celebrating: The American Flag, The Liberty Bell, The Declaration of Independence, The Gateway Arch, The Hoover Dam, Mount Rushmore and The Golden Gate Bridge. They are framed with an original opening and closing title song (set in two different styles), creating an outstanding revue full of energy and freshness. The speaker/narrator parts for each song are a terrific teaching tool, providing interesting information, along with the history of each national treasure. Your performance venue will come to life with the unique topics and grand visuals created by this work. Many of the songs also lend themselves to simple choreography or riser movement. If a revue is not your choice, each of these songs stands alone as an individual choral piece. Like Greg’s other best-selling collections, this book includes vocal/piano scores, reproducible vocal parts and a Performance/Accompaniment CD.

The American Flag
Free and Independent
For Which it Stands (Opening Theme)
For Which it Stands (Closing Theme)
Hold Back the Water
Let Liberty Ring
Mount Rushmore (The Original Rock Hall of Fame)
We Can Build a Bridge
Welcome to the Gateway

30/222H, Unison/Two-part w/ Performance/Accompaniment CD included
LARGER WORKS From Shawnee Press

Ten Folk Songs Celebrating Canada and Mexico

This accessible multicultural collection shares some familiar folk songs from our friends in Canada and Mexico (5 for each country), and also some that might be brand new to the young singer, teacher or listener. A
marvelous budget-stretcher, this book includes vocal/piano scores and pertinent musical information about the countries and songs, along with a multi-media CD which includes the Performance and Accompaniment Tracks and reproducible vocal parts.

Canada: If My Old Top Were a Dancing Man • Ho, Ho, Watanay (Sleep, Sleep, Little One) • Grandma's Advice • Madam, Madam, You Came Courting • In All the Country 'Round Mexico: La Bamba (Dance Song) • Cielito Lindo (Beautiful Heaven) • El Jarabe Tapatio (The Mexican Hat Dance) • Mananitas Tapatias (Birthday Greeting Song) • El Cascabel (The Little Bell)

__ 30/2483H, Unison/Two-part with Perf./Accomp. CD included

A Reproducible Mini-Musical for Unison/Two-part Voices
Grades 2–6 • After finding a trunk full of costumes, props, and memorabilia from their grandparents’ Broadway careers, the kids entertain themselves through song and dance by using some of the goodies found inside. Their fun helps them to realize that everyone needs to make room in their lives for a little fun, make-believe, and showbiz. Easily costumed and flexibly staged, this twenty-minute mini-musical allows the involvement of more than one age group. Ten main characters have speaking and singing roles, but the chorus can include as many students as you like. This product includes the piano/vocal scores, reproducible scripts, and a mixed-media CD, complete with audio tracks and reproducible vocal parts.

A Little Bit of Showbiz (Introduction) • My Top Hat and Classy Cane • There’s Nothin’ Like a Feather Boa! • The Cape Tango • Make Them Laugh! • A Little Bit of Showbiz • A Little Bit of Showbiz (Bows and Reprise)

__ Unison/Two-part with P/A CD 30/2577H

A Reproducible Mini-Musical for Unison Voices

The scene is Santa’s workshop at the North Pole on Christmas Eve. All the elves are busy making the last of the toys to be delivered by Santa (who is busy at every mall and is a guest judge on the Can You Dance Better Than My Cousin’s Neighbor? television show). Just when they think they are finished, a new list arrives! The elves become overwhelmed with the task ahead and decide to “do something about it”. Enter Mrs. Claus, an “over the top” kind of gal in both dress and demeanor. She has a take charge spirit
and she must find a way to encourage the elves and make them realize how special and important they are to the children all over the world. The show must go on, so hit the lights and cue the spot. We have several big production numbers to sing and lots of toys to make! Easily costumed and flexibly staged, this delightfully fun and clever 15-20 minute mini-musical is perfect for involving more than one age group. And, although there are 12 speaking roles and one major role, the entire stage can be filled with elves singing and reacting to all the scenes. A marvelous budget-stretcher, this product includes the vocal/piano scores, speaking parts, and a multi-media CD, complete with the Performance and Accompaniment tracks and reproducible vocal parts.

We Make the Toys * I’m So Tired * Here She Comes, Mrs. Claus! * The Show Must Go On! * The Show Must Go On! (Encore)

__ 30/2484H, Unison with Perf./Accomp. CD included

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Pictures of December
Greg’s popular collections/revues: So Much to Sing About! (#30/1889H); So Much MORE to Sing About! (#30/1930H) and The Words We Live By (#30/2041H) have delighted music educators, students and audiences with songs that educate, entertain, and create top-notch performances. Heritage Music Press now presents his newest collection/revue for the special month of December. Written in a wide variety of styles, the songs touch on many of the different ‘pictures’ we all ‘see’ or associate with December: Snow and Winter scenes; Santa Claus; Christmas trees; a Hanukkah dance; Caroling; Bells; and more, complete with simple dialogue/narrations and staging suggestions, including using a giant picture frame for your performance area. The final song, Always Believe, is a beautiful, touching ballad that sings of how we truly are connected at this time of year. If a revue is not your choice, each of these songs stands alone as an individual Two-part choral, OR you might consider adding your own musical selections to create a more ‘personalized’ program. Either way, this work is extremely flexible and filled with options to meet the varying needs of music educators. Like Greg’s other collections, this book includes Vocal/Piano scores, reproducible vocal parts and a Performance/Accompaniment CD! A wise investment that will serve you, your singers and audiences well for many years to come.

__ 30/2112H, 2-part with Performance/Accompaniment CD included

Sing and Dance Around the World
Have fun traveling around the world with this collection of music, dances and games from ten different countries. All pages are reproducible and each unit includes a song, the steps to a basic folk dance, a page of fun facts about the country, its people and traditions, and an activity. The included CD provides a recording of the song to help facilitate dancing and singing in your classroom.

__ 30/2080H, Unison voices with CD

So Much To Sing About!
Ten Songs for Special Times Throughout the School Year
Here's a terrific choral collection you can actually utilize every month throughout the school year! Complete with reproducible vocal parts, suggestions for performance, movement, and/or props for each song, and a Perf./Accomp. CD, these exciting, new original tunes in a variety of styles, will energize your singers and entertain audiences. Don't miss this practical, economic, and fun-to-sing group of songs!

Contents: I'm So Glad You're My Friend, All the Leaves are Falling, The Day After Halloween, Lift the Flag of Freedom, Holidays are Coming!, Rhythm and Rhyme, Did You Ever Want to be the President?, It's a Swingin' Spring!, You Have a Summer Birthday!, See Ya Real Soon.

__ 30/1889H, Unison/Optional Two-part w/Performance/Accompaniment CD

So Much MORE to Sing About!
In this dynamite follow-up to his best-selling collection, So Much to Sing About!, Greg finds even more special moments in kids lives to sing about, along with even more songs for special seasons and holidays. In fact, theres a piece you can utilize during each and every month of the school year! Complete with reproducible vocal parts, suggestions for performance, movement, and/or props for each song, and a P/A CD, these creative new tunes in a variety of musical styles will energize singers and entertain audiences.

Contents: So Much to Sing About! * I Can't Wait Till Recess! * That's the American Way * It's Thanksgiving Day * Be a Santa Claus * Everybody's Favorite Melody! * Peace Song * Loose Tooth Boogie * Summertime Has Come * When You Have a Friend

__ 30/1930H, Unison/Optional 2-part w/ Performance/Accompaniment CD

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Influential African Americans You May Not Know
Sometimes history misplaces or forgets important people who dreamed, fought, served, made changes in our lives and affected history’s path. In this exciting new collection/revue, we are introduced through story and song to ten African Americans whose contributions to society, culture, our nation and the world should be celebrated and never forgotten. Included are: The Soldier - Henry Johnson; The Activist – A. Phillip Randolph; The Journalist – John Russwurm; The Fighter – Jack Johnson; The Singer

  1. Mamie Smith; The Film Maker – Oscar Micheaux; The Politician – P.B.S. Pinchback; The Preacher – Adam Clayton Powell; The Entrepreneur – Madame C.J. Walker; and The Explorer – Matthew Alexander Henson.

The narrative script is a terrific teaching tool, providing interesting facts and information about each person and their contributions. What a terrific presentation for African American History Month celebrations, and valuable resource for multicultural and interdisciplinary studies! Like Greg’s other best-selling collections, this budget-stretching book includes the vocal/piano scores, reproducible vocal parts, narrations, and Performance/Accompaniment CD.

A Soldier for Us All
We’ve Got a Brotherhood
Extra! Extra!
Call Him “Jack” Johnson
Mamie Smith is Comin’ to Town
Oh! Oscar Micheaux
Pinchback, the Politician
Preacher Powell
We Are All Beautiful
Top of the World

30/2361H, Two-part with Performance/Accompaniment CD included


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