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Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
Adeste Fideles
Beauty in simplicity best describes Greg’s new Latin setting, Adeste Fideles, for the Christmas season. The unison singing gently seated above a fluid piano accompaniment develops into a musically lifting chorus that will bring out the best in your young singers’ voices. The “B” section, more bold and deliberate, resolves back into the softer verse and chorus, creating repetition in learning. Available for TB voices as well, this piece creates a wonderful opportunity for your male singers to sing with heart and confidence.

__ C0342, TB
__ E0583, 2-Part
__ CD0293, PianoTrax CD

All Through the Night
There are so many options for this Christmas choral by Greg Gilpin. Optional lyrics also make it suitable for general use. The traditional lyrics are set to new music with a soft calypso feel. The piece may be sung a cappella or with optional piano accompaniment with the addition of low and high hand-drum parts. Simple part writing, solos, and several key changes create a work that will be easy to learn and fun to practice and perform. Choirs of all ages will enjoy this one!

__ A 2161, SATB
__ D 0591, 3-Part Mixed
__ E 0455, 2-Part
__ CD0142, Accompaniment CD

Listen Now - 2010 Podcast
An American Anthem

Two patriotic blockbusters are fused here in an exciting gospel style. The 3/4 meter and chord progressions create a fresh feel to these classics. The solo with an original melody is paried with the established text in the 4/4 meter section, leading into a strong and powerful ending that uses descant. Perfect for mass choir numbers and finale selections.

__ SATB, 35027095
__ SAB, 35027096
__ 2-Part, 35027097
__ StudioTrax CD 35027098

NEW for 2012 - Listen Now
An Angelic Christmas Medley

Beginning with a light jazz feel and optional a cappella voices, this medley floats along with contemporary piano accompaniment and touches upon the angelic lyrics of well-known Christmas carols. A beautiful selection for both secular and sacred settings.

__ 35028242, SATB
__ 35028243, SSAB
__ 35028244, SSA
__ 35028009, PianoTrax CD

Angels Watchin' Over Me
Additional Lyrics and Music by Greg Gilpin
An exciting gospel arrangement for SSAB or SATB voices, Angels Watchin' Over Me will get you moving! Great syncopation, a wonderful rhythmic accompaniment, jazz harmonies, opportunities to show off your best soloists and a fabulous a cappella section-this piece has it all! For school or church use.

__ D 0621, SSAB or SATB
__ CD0202, Accomp/Perf. CD
__ LB0418, 2 Trumpets, Alto Sax, Trombone

Arms Around the World
Words by Suzanne Gaither Jennings and Lionel M. Jones, Music by William J. Gaither, Terry Franklin, Barbi Franklin, and Cheryl Rogers; Arranged by Greg Gilpin
Arms Around the World is motivational and inspirational in mood and in text. Greg Gilpin's arrangement of this uplifting song will have the audience on its feet and ready to take action. "Let's be the hands that comfort every man. Let's be the feet for those who do not have the strength to stand. Let's be the love that reaches out to every boy and girl. Let's be the arms that reach around the world."

__ E 0460, 2-Part
__ A 2157, SATB
__ D 0588, 3-Part Mixed
__ LB0389 Orchestration
__ CD0099 Performance/Accompaniment CD

Listen Now - 2010 Podcast
As I Hear the Sweet Lark Sing

This Irish folk song has been arranged using full three-part harmonies throughout the work. Easy vocal ranges, fluid voice-leading, a solo opportunity and optional divisi on the final chord make this a smart selection for developing choirs for concert and contest.

__ 3-Part Mixed, 35027113
__ PianoTrax CD 35026761

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
Attitude is Everything!
This little swing original by Greg Gilpin reinforces positive thinking in a fun, easy-to-sing two-part choral.  “Attitude is everything; take a good one where you go.  It’s up to you to keep a happy mood, and everything depends upon your attitude.”  Ideal for choreography ideas and staging!

__ E0629, 2-Part
__ CD0385, StudioTrax CD

Listen Now - 2009 Podcast
Benedicamus Domino

This choral sparkles with rhythmic vitality, an easy-to-feel use of mixed meter, marvelous contrasts in texture and dynamics and the clever addition of flute and percussion to enhance the crisp piano accompaniment. Outstanding for mixed voices, it is now available for your men’s choirs!

__ 35028110, TBB, flute & percussion - NEW for 2012 - Listen Now
__ 35001971, SATB, flute & percussion
__ 35001970, SAB, flute & percussion
__ 35001972, 2-part, flute & percussion
__ 35028009, PianoTrax CD

Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home?
What a fun and smart arrangement of this popular song penned by American songwriter Hughie Cannon. A standard for jazz and Dixieland bands, Greg has captured the fun of this piece with two and three-part women’s voices and individual lines for tenors and basses. This gem is great for concert as well as for show choirs.

__ 35027795, SATB

Boogie Woogie Holiday
Boogie Woogie Holiday will have you boppin' your way through the Christmas season! This swingin' novelty number is available for two-part treble or three-part mixed voices, and is a great way to introduce jazz singing to young choirs. Jollity guaranteed!

__ D 0597, 3-Part Mixed
__ E 0462, 2-Part
__ CD0141, Accompaniment CD

Brothers Forever
A great change of pace for male choruses! Brothers forever, best friends through it all... This is a stirring song about special friendships that will fill your tenors and basses with a sense of fellowship and pride in the music they make together!

__ CM9809, TTB
__ CT9809, Accompaniment/Performance Cassette
__ CD0177, Accompaniment/Performance CD

Caroling, Caroling
Words by Wihla Hutson; Music by Alfred Burt; Arranged by Greg Gilpin
A favorite from the Alfred Burt carols, Caroling, Caroling is presented here with a fresh, new perspective from Greg Gilpin. The melody sings back and forth between men's and women's voices over a bright and joyful, galloping accompaniment. The constant presence of the "caroling, caroling, caroling, caroling..." motif in one voice part or another adds a shimmer of excitement to the festivities of singing through the snow. As usual, Gilpin adds a few harmonic and melodic surprises that are sure to please. This arrangement is pure fun!

__ A 2158, SATB
__ D 0589, 3-Part Mixed
__ CD0097 Piano Trax

A Child's Credo
Greg Gilpin's setting of the familiar credo for children's voices is truly beautiful. The shimmering, pristine presence of the violin (part included in the choral) and the flowing keyboard accompaniment support the sweetness of the children's voices with a shining ebullience. A Child's Credo is an excellent choice for contest or festival.

__ E 0451, 2-Part, violin
__ CD0097, Piano Trax

A Classical Christmas
Three major masterwork choruses, popular during the Christmas season, are presented in this Greg Gilpin arrangement. Beginning with the stately "Rejoice Greatly," the voice parts are simplified and feature an optional solo and flow seamlessly into "For Unto Us a Child Is Born." The medley slows into the gentle "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desire," then builds into a grand finale of Hallelujah. Again, the voice leading has been modified in a few places to allow for more limited ranges, especially the tenor line. Available in two voicings, this medley, Classical Christmas will appeal to choirs of all sizes and abilities. An exciting new way to enjoy these popular, traditional choral works.

__ A 2209, SATB
__ D 0640, SAB
__ CD0218, Piano Trax

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
Cohan's Big Three!

(incorporating Yankee Doodle Boy, Give My Regards to Broadway, and You’re a Grand Old Flag)
Three of George M. Cohan’s finest songs have been arranged into a smart and fun medley by Greg Gilpin.  Simple and easy-to-learn, this medley is an up-beat presentation to showcase patriotism and the works of a great American songwriter.  This choral gives you a chance for good musical teaching during rehearsals and when performed, your audience will rise to their feet with pride!

__ A2321, SATB                                   
__ D0738, SAB
__ E0607, 2-Part
__ CD0365, StudioTrax CD

Come, Dear Children (From the Alfred Burt Carols)
Words by Wihla Hutson; Music by Alfred Burt, Arranged by Greg Gilpin
Bright and lilting, this two-part partner-song from the Alfred Burt Carols is a great holiday concert or festival opener. Arranged by Greg Gilpin for upper-elementary or middle school choirs, Come, Dear Children sets the tone for a Christmas season filled with joy.

__ E 0494, 2-Part
__ CD0173, Piano Trax

Come Rejoicing
A great concert or worship opener, Come Rejoicing has a spirited calypso beat and wonderful harmonies for two-part or three-part mixed choirs. Rhythmic syncopation and a bright, festive accompaniment charge this piece with energy and excitement. This joyful invitation to make music will have everyone singing (and dancing) along.

__ D 0594, 3-Part Mixed $1.4
__ E 0461, 2-Part
__ CD0139, Accompaniment/Performance CD

NEW for 2012 - Listen Now
The Day the Music Teachers Run the Show

Enough said! Comedic and fun, this 2-part expresses how life would be if music teachers ruled the world and music was a part of everyone’s lives. Sure to get a round of heart applause!

__ 35028221, 2-part
__ 35028222, StudioTrax CD

NEW for 2012 - Listen Now
Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel?

Commissioned by the 2011 St. Louis Metro District #8 Middle School Honor Choir, this energetic arrangement for both 3-part and 2-part voices is everything you desire for your young singers. Driving piano accompaniment, solid vocal writing, and dynamic twists and turns set this spiritual on fire.

__ 35028017, 3-part mixed
__ 35028016, 2-part
__ 35028009, Piano Trax CD

Listen Now - 2009 Podcast

This masterpiece of vocal layering is a “sound experience” for a cappella voices featured as bells. Available in many voicings, both a cappella and accompanied, this work is now arranged for your men and will surely be a new favorite for both your general and holiday concerts.

__ 35025339, TTBB a cappella - NEW for 2012 - Listen Now
__ 35005339, SATB a cappella
__ 35005340, SSAB a cappella
__ 35005341, SSAA a cappella
__ 35005338, 2-part with descant
__ 35016961, PianoTrax CD 2009-2010

Do You Feel the Rhythm?
Not a note is sung! Drum and rhythm speech create this fresh and exciting new "opener," Do You Feel the Rhythm?, from Greg Gilpin. A wonderful way to teach rhythm, dynamics, style, choral energy and introduce choreography. The slow, rock feel mid-choral brings contrast and even more opportunity for musical and style interpretation. What a great way to set up your concert and even introduce your first sung opening number. This is a one of a kind find!

__ A 2208, Four-part speech and Drum
__ CD0219, Accompaniment/Performance CD

NEW for 2012 - Listen Now
Don't Be Cruel

This new choral arrangement of one of Elvis Presley’s biggest this is perfect for your young singers and especially for your men! The ‘50s sound is captured here with every “bop, bop” and “oo, ah” and will make a charming performance piece to introduce a rock classic to your singers.

__ 35027981, 3-part mixed
__ 35027982, TBB
__ 35027983, 2-part
__ 30527984, StudioTrax CD

Listen Now - 2011 Podcast
Every Little Thing She Does is Magic

This 1981 hit by Sting and performed by The Police has been arranged for your men in a TTB voicing. Accessible, repetitive rhythms, and easy part writing make this perfect for the guys to learn and enjoy while adding a little pop romance to your men’s performance.

__ 35027562, TTB
__ 35027563, StudioTrax CD

NEW for 2012 - Listen Now
Everything is Beautiful

This two-time, GRAMMY winner from Ray Stevens is as perfect a message for today’s generation as it was in the early ‘70s. With a gospel-feel, this piece includes a descant sung by a soloist, small group, or children’s chorus, creating an anthem of love and peace with the message of understanding and acceptance.

__ 35027647, SATB with descant (opt. children’s chorus)
__ 35027648, SAB with descant (opt. children’s chorus)
__ 35027649, 2-part with solo and opt. descant
__ 35027652, StudioTrax CD

Festive Hodie!
Music by Greg Gilpin
For two-part treble voices, Festive Hodie! is a delightfully joyous way to announce the birth of Christ. For school or church use, both the Latin text and canonic melody lines are repetitive, making the piece easy to learn. Instructions for incorporating American Sign Language are included in the choral.

__ E 0502, 2-Part
__ CD0173, Piano Trax CD

Listen Now - 2010 Podcast
Fire and Rain

A James Taylor classic, Greg’s arrangements for SATB, SAB and TBB voices reflect the original recording and add lush vocal harmonies that melt into the incredible lyric. Sure to be an audience and performer favorite, it is a stunning pop ballad and an enduring concert selection.

__ SATB, 35027118
__ SAB, 35027268
__ TBB, 35027119
__ StudioTrax CD 35027120

Gee, But I Want to Go Home
The familiar "army song" is given a new spin with Greg Gilpin's clever TTB arrangement. Check out the hip-hop rap section in the middle! Lots of unison, rhythmic speech, and solo opportunities make this novelty piece easy to learn. Gee, But I Want to Go Home is quite accessible to younger male choruses, and a fun accompaniment/performance CD is available.

__ C 0319, TTB
__ LB0404, Instrumental parts for 2 trumpets, 2 trombones
__ CD0159, Accompaniment/Performance CD

Get on Board! Medley
New River Train - Get On Board - Little Children - This Train
This premiere choral in our new "The Changing Voice Series" will be a showstopper for middle school boys! Designed for boys' ensembles with changed and unchanged voices, the tenor part is for the unchanged voice and stays within a low, limited range while the baritone part is for the changed voice and remains limited and not too high in range. Prime unison dividing to easy harmonies and independent singing parts make this an excellent choice for teaching. The songs themselves are train-themed spirituals and are energetic and fun to learn and perform. This is the music and teaching repertoire you've needed for these special-aged singers. We promise more to come!

__ C 0320, TB (for changed and unchanged voices)
__ CD0150, Accompaniment/Performance CD

Gloria  Alleluia
Words and Music by Greg Gilpin
For changed and unchanged TB voices, Gloria Alleluia is the perfect concert opener or festival piece for middle school or junior high male choruses. Lots of unison and accessible harmonies combine with a neo-classical accompaniment making this an impressive choice for school or church use.

__ C0324, TB (for changed and unchanged voices)
__ LB0414 2 Trumpets, 2 Trombones
__ CD0173, Piano Trax CD

Ha Shalom
Traditional; Music by Greg Gilpin
A moving, emotional, and timely song for our world, Ha Shalom is simple and powerful, with both Hebrew and English texts being sung simultaneously. "Peace shall be for all the world; All the world shall be for peace." For three-part mixed voices and optional violin, a beautiful ballad for concert or festival.

__ D 0620, 3-Part Mixed, Violin
__ CD0173, Piano Trax CD

Listen Now - 2011 Podcast

“Harambee” is a Swahili word that literally means “let us all pull together.” This original work has a distinct African beat and feel with its rhythmic vocal writing creating a sense of passion and call to action for performers and audience.

__ 35027812, SATB
__ 35027813, SSAB
__ 35027814, StudioTrax CD

Home on the Range
Arranged by Greg Gilpin
This a cappella arrangement of Home on the Range bursts with colorful harmonies and textures which expertly interpret the text. Described by some as a "perfect melody," this American standard gives your ensemble a chance to show off their impeccable tuning and blending abilities for concert, contest, or festival. Features unison phrases, brief solo sections, and lush, unexpected harmonies.

__ C 0325, TTBB, a cappella
__ A 2183, SATB, a cappella

This Grep Gilpin choral is electric! Hosanna is driven with musical energy moving from unison to two-part to three-part harmony, the intensity builds to the final "hosanna" with voices layering and overlapping for an awesome echo effect. An impressive and accessible choral for middle school through adult choirs. A great spring concert or festival piece!

Listen Now - 2009 Podcast
How Firm a Foundation

Here is one of the great hymns of the faith, set with a celbrative tone by well-known writer Greg Gilpin!  A sturdy piano part moves the tune forward with confidence and the message of the anthem makes it ideal for Reformation or even All-Saints Day.  A great addition to the repertoire!

__ A8858, SATB

Listen Now - 2011 Podcast
I Hear a Voice A-Prayin'

This a cappella Shawnee Press Classic, by composer Houston Bright has been a staple in choral libraries for many years. Greg Gilpin has created a new SSAB voicing suitable for developing voices and smaller choirs retaining the vocal finesse of the original SATB, which is newly engraved and edited for today’s standards. Discover, again, this great choral work.

__ 35027498, SSAB, a cappella (NEW VOICING)
__ 35010124, SATB, a cappella (NEW EDITION)
__ 35010126, SSAA, a cappella
__ 35010125, TTBB, a cappella

I Hear Music in the Air!
Based on a traditional spiritual, Greg Gilpin has arranged another great a cappella work to follow his best-selling, When the Kingdom Comes. Filled with rhythmic energy, dynamic contrast, and harmonic color, the choral I Hear Music in the Air! builds with each key change. Ranges are limited, with some divisi in the soprano part, which makes this appealing to both advanced choirs and younger voices.

__ A 2212, SATB unaccompanied

NEW for 2012 - Listen Now
I'll Be Home for Christmas

This holiday standard can be performed either a cappella or with the rich, contemporary piano accompaniment. Beginning with thick vocal harmonies, a solo appears on top of vocal “oos” that lead into the chorus we all know and love. Musically exquisite for both mixed and women’s voices with lots of room for musical interpretation.

__ 35028177, SATB divisi, opt. a cappella
__ 35028178, SSAA divisi, opt. a cappella
__ 35028179, StudioTrax CD

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
In Excelsis Deo!
(A Gospel Christmas)
Greg has had great success setting familiar lyrics to gospel-styled musical arrangements. Here is a new addition for the holidays! The Latin text is limited and used only for the chorus. Greg incorporates the lyrics of Angels We Have Heard on High for the verses and the break down section of Glory Hallelujah builds into a rousing key change and chorus with hand claps and vocal ad libs. Voiced for all age levels, this will be a favorite of your students this holiday season.

__ D0710, 3-Part, Mixed
__ E0584, 2-Part
__ CD0322, StudioTrax CD

Listen Now - 2010 Podcast
It Takes Two

This pop favorite, recorded as a duet by Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston and notably covered by Tina Turner and Rod Stewart, is amazingly arranged for SATB, SAB as well as 2-part choirs. The SATB captures the fun and rhythm of the original with the 2-part smoothes the syncopated rhythms so they are accessible for younger voices. A fantastic show choir number that begs for choreography!

__ SATB, 35027130
__ SAB, 35027131
__ 2-Part, 35027132
__ Studio Trax CD 35027133

Listen Now - 2011 Podcast
It's My Party Medley

Greg has taken the pop hit songs It’s My Party, Breaking Up Is Hard to Do, The End of the World, and That’ll Be the Day and created a smart, story-telling medley of crushed hearts and broken romance. Even though they start out “crying,” these girls decide to refuse the tears and stand strong by the end of this fun SSA work for the ladies.

__ 35027564, SSA
__ 35027565, StudioTrax CD

It's Time to Start the Show
"Curtain up, hit the lights! It's Time to Start the Show!" A great opening number for your show choir or novelty number for a "pop" concert! This Broadway-style melody, with lyrics that welcome the audience, creates anticipation for what's to come next. Great fro choreography. This up-tempo choral is the perfect way to start your show!

__ A 2162, SATB
__ D 0592, 3-Part Mixed
__ E 0456, 2-Part
__ CD0135, Accompaniment/Performance CD
__ LB0406, Parts for also sax, 2 trumpets, trombones

Listen Now - 2010 Podcast
‘Twas the Night Before Curtain

As the curtain goes up, we are presented with the musical version of the frantic night before the opening of a show, complete with inevitable drama that every ensemble experiences! The comical story is told through speaking parts, solos, and lots of musical elements that culminate into a very happy ending!

__ SATB, 35027154
__ SAB, 35027155
__ 2-Part, 35027153
__ Studio Trax CD 35027156

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
Ja-Da, Ja-Da, Jing Jing Jing
This novelty standard from the 1920s is excellently revived by Greg Gilpin in a ragtime styled choral for three-part and two-part voices. The verses are interesting between the parts, sometimes singing together while other times back and forth and the chorus is repetitive until the key change where a more rhythmic approach to the arrangement takes place. Lyrically, this song is dynamite with an arrangement easy to learn and remember. A great piece for learning rhythm and style and for programming excellence!

__ D0712, 3-Part Mixed
__ E0585, 2-Part
__ CD0324, StudioTrax CD

Listen Now - 2009 Podcast
Jazz Cantate

Smooth, choral, stylistic, and smart all describe this new original choral by Greg Gilpin. Close harmonies rhythmically set above a moving accompaniment, the familiar Latin text, and strong choral-writing create a unique piece for all choral groups. A stand-out selection.

__ A2345, SSATB
__ D0763, SSAB
__ CD0397, StudioTrax CD

Jubilate! (Sing Joyfully)
Greg Gilpin has taken a simple Latin text and infused it with rhythmic energy and excitement! Jubilate! lives up to its name - "Sing Joyfully" Younger singers as well as more advanced choirs wil enjoy the "world beat" sound and feel of this driving choral. Use it successfully as a lively concert opener or theme song for any choral organization.

__ C 0313, TTB
__ D 0575, SAB
__ CD0105 Performance/Accompaniment CD

Listen Now - 2011 Podcast
Junk Band Boogie

“Grab a can, grab a pot, give it everything ya got!” Here’s introducing a performance gem by Greg Gilpin. This boogie-woogie novelty number lets your choir create its own “junk band” to play along! A wonderful opportunity to learn rhythms and create musical instruments, this will be a great choral performance piece.

__ 35027821, 3-Part Mixed
__ 35027822, 2-Part
__ 35027823, StudioTrax CD

Listen Now - 2007 Podcast
Keep On Following the Star

Greg Gilpin’s original gospel chorals are solid-gold. Keep on Following the Star is no exception. His new original work for Christmas begins with an infectious chorus full of gospel harmonies and style. The verses are sung with an optional solo above gospel “oo’s”. Verse and chorus are repetitive, allowing for quick learning. Add a key change, followed by a hot a cappella with hand claps section, finish with a rousing ending and you’ve got a new hit for your concert this December.

__ A2287, SATB
__ D0714, 3-part mixed
__ E05892, 2-part
__ CD0330, StudioTrax CD

The Keeper
This is the third offering in The Changing Voice Series, chorals designed for the male changing, unchanged and changed voice to sing together successfully. This traditional Old English song, The Keeper, is masculine and spirited. The text is humorous and with the use of solos, the choral takes on many colors as it develops. Simply, this choral is perfect for your young male voices.

__ C 0335 TB (changed and unchanged)
__ CD0218 Piano Trax

Kwaheri Angu Rafiki (Farewell, My Friend)
This exciting choral features a beautiful text in English and Swahili (pronunciation guide included) about the never-ending love and devotion of true friends. With a rhythmic, emotional melody and accompaniment. Greg Gilpin has taken this wonderful African "farewell" and crafted a musical benediction that is especially appropriate for graduation or a final concert. "Journey in a circle as you start...remember us...return to us..."

__ A 2147, SATB
__ D 0569, 3-Part Mixed
__ CD0106 Performance/Accompaniment CD

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast

Originally released for SATB voices, this top-selling Latin setting by Greg Gilpin is now available for SAB and two-part voices.  It consists of a “child’s theme” that begins the piece with the text developing into rich, heartfelt harmonies.  The piece concludes with the same “child’s theme” fading into pianissimo as if never ending.  It has been newly recorded with available string quartet parts and a new Studiotrax CD recording.  A translation and pronunciation guide is included within the choral. This is a moving and stirring choral work.

__ A2076, SATB
__ D0757, SAB
__ E0624, 2-Part (divisi)
__ LB0454, Parts for string quartet
__ CD0389, StudioTrax CD

Kyrie/Kum Ba Ya
Arrangement and Original Music by Greg Gilpin
This arrangement can be used for many voicing combinations. Cue-sized notes are included to create other voicing possibilities from this two-part mixed arrangement. Sung a cappella, Kyrie/Kum Ba Ya joins the beautiful simplicity of chant using traditional Latin text with the well-knownl African folk song Kim Bad Ya.

__ E 0490, 2-part Mixed or SATB

NEW for 2012 - Listen Now
Let's Twist Again

One of the biggest hits of 1961, Chubby Checker’s dance craze hit is now a fun SSA and 2-part choral. “Come on, everybody, clap your hands. We’re gonna do the twist and it goes like this…” Irresistible fun for show and concert.

__ 35027984, SSA
__ 35027986, 2-part
__ 35027987, StudioTrax CD

Little Wheel A-Turnin'
Greg Gilpin has written a new, energetic arrangement of "Ezekiel Saw the Wheel," Little Wheel A-Turnin', for 3-part mixed voices. An excellent choice for young singers with Part III in a limited range that does not exceed middle C or go below F. A repeated rhythmic pattern creates the feel of a wheel spinning. Part II carries the melody with the sopranos adding harmony. Each verse has limited piano accompaniment and is a great tool for introducing young singers to a cappella singing.

__ D 0639, 3-Part mixed

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
Live Your Dream
This major choral work by Greg Gilpin is a moving tribute to anyone who has a dream and pursues it. With lyrics based on the words of Rumi, Lao-Tzu and Thoreau, Greg’s original music and choral arrangement is full of emotional strength that paints the text with musical significance.  A perfect graduation selection! Live Your Dream has been beautifully orchestrated by Steven Couch.

__ A2315, SATB
__ C0348, TTBB
__ CD0390, StudioTrax CD
__ LB0451, Orchestration

NEW for 2012 - Listen Now
Loves Me Like a Rock

Paul Simon’s Fabulous ‘70s hit comes to choral life while keeping true to its original sound. Optional tenor and soprano solos with backing chorus and gospel-style harmonies, all to a great shuffle-beat, will make this a performance gem for your mixed and men’s choirs.

__ 35028020, SATB
__ 35028021, SAB
__ 35028022, TTB
__ 35028023, SoundTrax CD

A Lyric Adoramus Te
In the style of his best-selling A Child's Credo, Greg Gilpin has created A Lyric Adoramus Te, another 2-part Latin work for young voices that certainly will become a classic. Unison singing, simple harmonies and the use of echoing will aid in the learning of pianissimo singing, breathing and phrasing. Listening and blending are also enforced by the writing. The optional C instrument will add simple elegance and the American Sign Language beautifully interprets the written text.

__ E 0511, 2-Part, with C instrument
__ CD0218, Piano Trax

Listen Now - 2007 Podcast
Marshmallow World

Greg Gilpin’s arrangement of this popular tune from the 1940s is unique in its voicing. This bouncy swing number for the holidays can be performed as a 2-part choral or expanded with the optional part if you have boys with changed voices in your choir. Two chorals in one and so useful year after year when your needs change! A wonderfully familiar novelty number to set the holiday mood.

__ E0603, 2-part (opt. 3-part mixed)
__ CD0351, StudioTrax CD

NEW for 2012 - Listen Now
Mary Sat A-Rockin' 
This a cappella bestseller is now available in a new SSAB voicing. Perfect for smaller choirs, younger singers and choirs with a limited amount of male voices, the rhythmic energetic patterns plus the range of dynamics have made this a memorable and popular selection.

__ 35028220, SSAB a cappella
__ 35013957, SATB a cappella
__ 35013958, TTBB a cappella

Maybe We'll Meet Again
This contemporary ballad is perfect for graduation ceremonies, senior recognition, or end-of-the-year concerts. Greg Gilpin's Maybe We'll Meet Again recalls warm memories shared between good friends, yet gently refuses to say "goodbye."

__ A 2167, SATB
__ D 0595, 3-Part Mixed
__ CD0140 Accompaniment/Performance CD

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
A Merry Christmas Medley

(incorporating Deck the Hall; Go Tell It On the Mountain; Angels We Have Heard on High; The First Noel; The Holly and The Ivy; and Joy to the World)
This is a joyful, easy-to-prepare medley of favorite and familiar holiday songs.  Greg Gilpin has created a medley with lots of dynamic and music diversity, crafting it so that it is seamless and smart.  Beginning and ending with an original vocal fanfare, this medley will fill that special place in your holiday program.

__ A2342, SATB
__ D0762, SAB
__ E0630, 2-Part
__ CD0386, StudioTrax CD

Musica Dei
For concert, contest, or festival use, this jubilant homage to the joy of making music is easy to teach, learn, and fun to sing. For two-part treble voices, Musica Dei begins with two distinct, joyous melodies, followed by an accented canon section and finishes by pairing the two beginning melodies as partner songs. A wealth of teaching can be done using this Latin/English text piece and it will be a favorite of students and audiences in any performance. The piano accompaniment is creative adn supportive of the vocals.

__ E 0477, 2-Part
__ CD0137, Piano Trax

Listen Now - 2007 Podcast
Music's Echo

This a cappella gem uses optional percussion accompaniment creating a Renaissance sound and madrigal effect. Beginning with a simple melody, each part joins with its own melody. Soon the polyphonic singing is gloriously forte and builds to a strong ending. “How sweet the answer echo makes to music at night.” Music’s Echo is a sweet musical work to use as a processional or it may be sung antiphonally by two or more choirs. So many creative options!

__ A2289, SATB unaccompanied with percussion

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Nothin' Gonna Stumble My Feet
This top-selling a cappella original spiritual is now available for women’s voices! Fast moving with energy and musical power, the new SSAA voicing presents a new sound of color and depth for this title. A Shawnee Press gem!

__ 35027661, SSA, A Cappella (NEW VOICING)
__ 35015354, SATB, A Cappella
__ 35015355, SSAB, A Cappella
__ 35015356, TTBB, A Cappella

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
Nothing Gonna Stumble My Feet

John Parker and Greg Gilpin have combined their talents to create this new exuberant and original spiritual for SATB a cappella voices.  Full of dynamic contrast, rhythmic nuances, and textual percussiveness, Nothin’ Gonna Stumble My Feet will be an outstanding festival, concert, or contest piece.  Thrilling to sing and to hear.

__ A2314, SATB, unaccompanied

Our Festival of Music!
Latin music and rhythms are all the rage, and Greg Gilpin has captured the fire and passion of this genre with Our Festival of Music! The text describes the passion that ignites when rhythm and melody take over. The choral is syncopated, but not too difficult, and includes some Spanish text and rap. Wonderful salsa rhythm and accompaniment will have choirs and audiences wanting to jump up and dance!

__ A 2149, SATB
__ D 0578, 3-Part
__ LB0395 Brass Parts
__ CD0109 Performance/Accompaniment CD

NEW for 2012 - Listen Now
Our Journey Continues

If you are looking for your next inspirational choral, you’ve found it! This original work speaks of friendship, learning, and the “journey that lies ahead” in a musically emotional setting that builds to a grand ending of “a brand new day”.

__ 35028085, SATB
__ 35028086, SAB
__ 35028087, StudioTrax CD

Listen Now - 2011 Podcast
O Shenandoah

Quiet with longing, this a cappella arrangement of a favorite American folk song is one of the most haunting and lush ever written. Beginning with rich and low vocal writing, the work moves with the unexpected, painting the romantic lyric and building into full vocal divisi-writing that captures the familiar and powerful essence of this beloved text and melody. A true classic in the making for mixed and men’s choirs.

__ 35027524, SATB, a cappella
__ 35027525, TTB, a cappella

Listen Now - 2011 Podcast
The Sussex Mummer's Carol

This Victorian Age carol is exquisitely set by Greg Gilpin for a cappella voices. Its melody is elegantly simple with harmonies of a symphonic nature. A gorgeous selection for your holiday program.

__ 35027820, SATB, a cappella

Over the River and We'll Dress the House
Words by Wihla Hutson; Music by Alfred Burt
Anticipating the holiday season is half the fun! Greg Gilpin has taken teh popular Over the River and Through the Woods and placed it ever so cleverly with the famous Alfred Burt carol We'll Dress the House. This two-part mini-melody with bouncing piano accompaniment is easy to learn, festive, and perfect for fall, winter or holiday concerts.

__ E 0470, 2-Part
__ CD0137, Piano Trax

Peace on Earth
Based on Lyrics by Henry W. Longfellow; Additional Lyrics by Greg Gilpin; Tune: "Waly Waly," American Folk Song; Arranged by Greg Gilpin
This powerful and timely new arrangement by Greg Gilpin, marries the familiar Henry W. Longfellow lyrics wtih the favorite folk tune timeless message to any performance occasion throughout the year. Optional handbell parts that enhance this message of peace are available. The CD accompaniment track is outstanding.

__ A 2170, SATB
__ D 0602, 3-Part Mixed
__ E 0466, SA
__ LC1204, Part for Handbells
__ CD0155, Accompaniment/Performance CD

Listen Now - 2010 Podcast

Proud has been featured on television and in movies, and is currently the theme song for NBC’s “The Biggest Loser.” This knockout inspirational, gospel-infused chart is a must for your concert and show choir programming with lyrics of encouragement and individual strength!

__ SATB, 35027046
__ SSAB, 35027233
__ StudioTrax CD 35027047

Put a Little Love in Your Heart
From the moment you hear the vocal and rhythmic opening; you know you have a winning arrangement from Greg Gilpin for your concert or show. With driving energy and pop sound, this easy to learn and sing arrangement is just what your show needs as an opener, closer or theme. Greg has used the verses of Put a Little Love in Your Heart with the chorus of Love Train, adding an original "break down" section to create a powerhouse number. Voice leading is smart, and the ranges appropriate for young voices.

__ A 2190, SATB
__ D 0638, SAB
__ E 0484, 2-Part
__ CD 0220, Accompaniment/Performance CD

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
Reuben and Rachel
Greg’s humorous arrangement of this folk song allows boys and girls to argue with each other lyrically and musically. It’s simple and smart with a crisp piano accompaniment that feels percussive. Teach your students contrast in dynamics, tempo, legato and accented style and introduce them to a lively American folk song. Novel and educational!

__ D0711, SAB
__ CD0293, PianoTrax CD

Listen Now - 2010 Podcast
Rise Above the Walls
This powerful ballad asks us to recognize our differences, see beyond them, and let love lift us all “above the walls.” Orchestrated by Mark Hayes, this piece can serve as a closing number or a theme for any multicultural program or need. It will definitely inspire and challenge your singers and audiences. A new classic!

__ SATB, 3502762
__ SAB, 3502763
__ 2-Part, 3502764
__ Studio Trax CD 35026765
__ Digital Orchestration 3502676

Listen Now - 2007 Podcast
Rise Up and Sing!

This is a strong and spirited selection for your small, younger voiced or middle school choir as an opener or theme song for your musical performance. “We have a common purpose, we have a common theme. Let’s celebrate with music all our hopes and all our dreams.” Lyrics are up-lifting and challenge the singer and listener to make a difference in our world. Use the StudioTrax CD, add some simple movement and you have a great contemporary number for your concert or festival.

__ D0715, 3-part mixed, opt. baritone
__ E0587, 2-part
__ CD0329, StudioTrax CD

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
Rock, Rhythm and Roll

From the collection, I Can Feel the Rhythm by Greg Gilpin comes this fast-paced, ‘50s- themed rock-n’-roll choral.  Completely written as four-part vocal speech with drum or a cappella, this choral teaches singers rhythmic phrases and dynamic importance.  It is a perfect teaching tool for your singers who do not play instruments.  It is also a great piece to choreograph!

__ A2317, 4-Part Vocal Speech, unaccompanied, drum
__ CD0361, StudioTrax CD

Santa Got Lost in Texas
You don't have to live in Texas to enjoy this western fun! The text tells how Santa got lost in Texas on Christmas Eve, and was helped by a cowboy tending herd. Humorous and smartly arranged by Greg Gilpin, Santa Got Lost in Texas makes a perfect novelty number for your concert. Optional solos let your singers "act" out their part, and even stage the entire song.

__ E 0525, 2-Part
__ CD0247, Accompaniment/Performance CD

Listen Now - 2010 Podcast
Shine Your Light!

Gospel-styled, this up-tempo, inspirational original asks the singer and audience to be an example of love in every way. There are many solo opportunities throughout, as as a hot breakdown section that eventually leads to a final, rousing chorus with extreme excitement. A surefire winner!

__ SATB, 35026756
__ SAB, 35026757
__ 2-Part, 35026758
__ StudioTrax CD 35026759

Listen Now - 2010 Podcast

Greg Gilpin arranged this catchy camp song into a frolicking choral for young and developing voices. Almost as a tongue twister, the text and melody bounce between each part, sung fully by all voices and filled with dynamic and musical diversity for superb teaching and performance opportunities. A thrilling novely number for your concert.

__ 3-Part Mixed, 35027101
__ 2-Part, 35027102
__ StudioTrax CD 35027103

Listen Now - 2011 Podcast
Sing A Mighty Song!
Commissioned by the Indiana Music Educators Association for the 2011 Middle School Honor Choir, this exuberant festival opener begins with "Alleluia's" and building piano accompaniment introducing the lyric "Sing a mighty song, awake, arise ye voices." A celebratory 3/4 meter in F minor moving to G minor with descant sets the text that speaks of awakening our voices and the voices of heaven and earth. An optional trumpet part adds excitement and fanfare to this rousing concert work that is a strong opening or final programming selection.

__ 35027656, 3-Part Mixed, Trumpet
__ 35027657, 2-Part, Trumpet
__ CD35027473, Piano Trax

Sing, Hosanna Sing!
Music by Greg Gilpin
A thrilling flute obbligato, driving energy, and mixed meter make this triumphant choral a joy to sing. For advanced high school through adult mixed choirs, Sing Hosanna, Sing! is exciting and electric for concert, contest, or festival. Appropriate for school or church use.

__ A 2206, SATB, flute
__ CD0176, Piano Trax CD

Listen Now - 2011 Podcast
Skatin' and Sleighin'

This novel, up-tempo partner song sings of skating on an icy pond with lots of circles, slipping and sliding followed with a verse of sleigh-riding through snowy fields of white. Put them together and you have a brith and festive winter or holiday partner song for your young singers!

__ 35027705, 2-part
__ 35027706, Studio Trax CD

Skye Boat Song
Simple and lovely. This SSA arrangement of the popular Scottish folk song will teach your women's ensemble about expression, vocal energy and dynamic interpretation. The vocal ranges help your students learn to sing fully and supported. The piano part is supportive, but independent, and develops the feel of the sea's waves and motion. Unison, 2-part, and full SSA singing is explored and reflect the beauty of this lullaby, Skye Boat Song.

__ B 0614, SSA
__ CD0218, PianoTrax

The Solfege Blues
Words by Russell Edwards; Music by Grep Gilpin
Looking for a way to make solfege more appealing to your students? This is it! The Solfege Blues is a fun-filled, blues-style look at solfege from the students' point of view. A great novelty piece for performance or simply to lighten up the atmosphere in the classroom; use of Kodaly hand signs included!

__ E 0446, 2-Part
__ D 0581, 3-Part Mixed
__ CD0113 Performance/Accompaniment CD

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
A Star Spangled Celebration
(incorporating This Is My Country, America and My Country ’Tis of Thee)
This fast paced, pop-style medley is a break from patriotic tradition. Opening grandly into a contemporary work with This Is My Country, this choral develops into America, grows into a gospel style setting of My Country ’Tis of Thee and ends as it began with This Is My Country. It remains up-beat and powerful until the very last chord. A Star Spangled Celebration is a choreographer’s dream of movement and energy, and a wonderful addition to festival programming.

__ A2284, SATB
__ B0635, SSA
__ D0713, SAB
__ CD0325, StudioTrax CD

Listen Now - 2009 Podcast

Who can forget this emotional #1 radio hit by The Carpenters? Musical depth and longing are captured in this choral by Greg Gilpin and the SSA voicing is a strong selection for women’s groups and choruses. Gorgeous choral writing in this classic pop tune.

__ A2346, SATB
__ B0644, SSA
__ CD0402, StudioTrax CD

Words and Music by Slim Harpo; Arranged by Greg Gilpin
R & B for two-part treble voices! This soulful arrangement of Te-Ni-Nee-Ni-Nu is a fun novelty piece for any time of year. Upper elementary, middle school choirs, as well as women's choruses, will enjoy performing this light-hearted number. CHOREOGRAPHY INCLUDED!

__ E 0458, 2-Part
__ CD0165, Accompaniment/Performance CD

Thank You for Being a Friend
The theme from the television show, The Golden Girls roars to new life due to the recent Betty White fan craze and is now available for your choir to sing and enjoy! Bright, happy, and a perfect song for celebrating friendship! “Your heart is true, you’re a pal and a confidant.”

__ 35027520, SATB
__ 35027521, SAB
__ 35027522, 2-Part
__ 35027523, StudioTrax CD

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
Thanks a Lot, But No Thanks

From the musical, It’s Always Fair Weather, we proudly present this sassy little tune for your women.  Greg Gilpin captures the attitude of the lyrics and the style in his arrangement.  Lots of unison singing, solo opportunities, and good SSA vocals complete this rousing number.  A performance knockout indeed!

__ B0641, SSA
__ CD0387, StudioTrax CD

Listen Now - 2011 Podcast
They Had a Dream

This 2-Part choral is a gem for teaching and celebrating African American’s Civil Rights. Each verse is filled with key events in black history, set to fun and upbeat music and a chorus using the phrase “Dream, dream, they had a dream.” Perfect to use for any concert throughout the year and especially Black History Month.

__ 35027796, 2-Part
__ 35027797, Studio Trax CD

Listen Now - 2007 Podcast
Think On Me

Never has this art song by Alicia Ann Scott sounded so beautiful, and chorally arranged so effectively than now. Heart-wrenching harmonies interpret the touching text and the almost hymn-like pianissimo, a cappella verse adds to the dynamic touches that build in the last refrain and fade away with the last lyric. A choral that will teach your students expression.

__ A 2207, SATB
__ D 0634, SAB
__ E0586, 2-part, opt. SSA (new)
__ CD0218, PianoTrax CD

This Ol' Man
Greg Gilpin's spirited arrangement of this familiar children's song is a pleasure to sing and hear. The humorous sound effects supplied by the singers and accompaniment will make This Ol' Man a favorite among singers and a special treat for audiences. Staging and choreography opportunities abound; a real crowd pleaser!

__ E 0382, 2-Part
__ MC0299, Accompaniment/Performance Cassette
__ CD0145, Accompaniment/Performance CD

Listen Now - 2007 Podcast
Through the Eyes of a Child

Young and old alike will relate to the incredible lyrics and moving music of Through the Eyes of a Child. Burrows and Gilpin unite to craft a choral that is a moving reflection of childhood innocence and the value of that perspective — especially for adults. When you look at life Through the Eyes of a Child, “that’s when you truly live”. A wonderful multi-generational concert work that will inspire all.

__ A2288, SATB
__ D0716, SAB
__ E05882, 2-part
__ CD0333, StudioTrax CD

Together, Hand in Hand
Words and Music by Glenn W. Calcote; Arranged by Greg Gilpin
Music is the universal language! This inspirational song of hope is a call for the entire world to share peace and love through music. Together, Hand in Hand will make a great closing number for a concert, or theme song for your choral organization.

__ A 2205, SATB
__ D 0633, SAB
__ E 0504, 2-part
__ CD0213, Performance/Accompaniment CD
__ LB0421, 2 Trpt, Alto Sax, Trbn

NEW for 2012 - Listen Now
Turkish March for Voices

This is an interesting and fun arrangement that Mozart never would have imagines, but most certainly would have appreciated! His famous instrumental work has been transformed by Greg into a “gleeful” arrangement for voices. A refreshing a cappella number for your concert or show choir that will wow your audience to the final “Ta-da!”.

__ 35028015, SATB a cappella

Listen Now - 2009 Podcast
Unchain My Heart

Greg Gilpin has captured the ’90s version of Joe Cocker’s hit. A fabulous opportunity for a break-out male soloist throughout accompanied by a gospel-infused sound for the choir. Strong. Powerful. A showstopper through and through.

__ A2348, SATB
__ CD0393, StudioTrax CD

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
We Come To Sing This Holiday

Greg Gilpin brings to you an original madrigal-style choral with percussion accompaniment parts.  It creates a wonderful way to begin your holiday concert, either on stage or as a processional.  Each vocal part sings its own melody, layering throughout and finishing with flair.  This is a perfect holiday showpiece highlighting good choral singing.

__ A2339, SATB, unaccompanied with percussion

We Honor You Today
Words and Music by Trisha Gilpin Suddarth; Arranged by Greg Gilpin
Gracious and grateful thought are expressed in this Greg Gilpin choral. We Honor You Today is appropriate for so many occasions - graduation, recognition ceremonies, honor assemblies, appreciation gatherings. What a wonderful way to sing "Thank You" to those who have so so positively and profoundly affected our lives - teachers, classmates, parents, friends. This pop ballad is a must for the libraries of high school and community choruses everywhere who are often in need of a "standard" to perform for such occasions.

__ HT9711, SATB
__ CT9711 Accompaniment Cassette
__ CD 0125 Performance/Accompaniment CD

When Every Child
Lyrics by Christie Smith Stephens; Music by Christie Smith Stephens & Greg Gilpin
When Every Child is a stunning reminder of our never-ending wish for peace. For two-part treble voices, this gentle "prayer" has optional sacred lyrics, making it appropriate for school or church use. Strong in its simplicity.

__ HT9404, 2-Part
__ CD0175 Accompaniment/Performance CD

When the Kingdom Comes!
This original spiritual by Greg Gilpin is appropriate for both school and church settings. It may be performed a cappella or with piano accompaniment and is voiced SATB or SSAB, makin it well suited to a variety of ensembles and performance settings. When the Kingdom Comes! is written in simple call and response style, building through a series of modulations to a nice, full ending. Perfect for concert or festival, as well as for show choirs.

__ A 2163, SATB
__ D 0593, SSAB
__ CD0137, Piano Trax

Listen Now - 2009 Podcast
Where the Wind Goes

Greg Gilpin and Tina English have combined composing and arranging talents to create a lovely 2-part setting. Poetic text, use of major and minor, unison and two-part singing, and an ideal voice range for young singers makes this a quality choral for teaching and performing.

__ E0640, 2-part
__ CD0400, PianoTrax CD
__ LB0460, Instrument parts, bass and drums

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
Why We Sing
Why We Sing, the powerful, original ballad by Greg Gilpin is stunning in lyric and melody and is now available for TTBB and SSAA voices! This best-selling choral begins in simple unison, building to an ending with full choral presence and a moving descant. “A sound of hope, a sound of peace, a sound that celebrates and speaks what we believe…this is why we sing, why we lift our voice…” A proven winner that moves the audience to tears. Orchestration by Mark Hayes and a CD accompaniment track available. Outstanding in every way!

__ C0339, TTBB (New!)
__ B0631, SSAA (New!)
__ A2239, SATB
__ D0670, SAB
__ E0538, 2-Part
__ LB0431, Orchestration
__ CD0261, StudioTrax CD

A Wreath of Carols
What a find! This outstanding medley of many well-loved holiday carols will fill the need for the familiar in your holiday concert, leaving time for the other Shawnee Press gems you'd like to program. Cleverly assembled and arranged by Greg Gilpin and orchestrated by Stan Pethel, A Wreath of Carols basically sings itself, weaving the colors and sparkle of the season throughout. The majestic ending will have the audience on their feet applauding and in the holiday spirit. Fantastic!

__ A 2220, SATB
__ D 0645, SAB
__ E 0512, 2-Part/SSA
__ LB0424, Orchestration
__ CD0228, Accompaniment/Performance CD

Listen Now - 2010 Podcast
Yankee Doodle Rhythm

From the collecion, I Can Feel the Rhythm, this patriotic ditty is performed as 4-part vocal speech and can work for just about every age level. A unique performance presentation and an excellent tool to teach singers rhythm reading, style, dynamics and musical form. Feature one of your drummers or incorporate choreography with this unique selection.

__ 4-Part Vocal Speech, drum 35026751
__ StudioTrax CD 35026752

Yuletide Rhythm
Greg Gilpin follows up his top-selling Do You Feel the Rhythm? with another vocal speech choral — this one is for the holidays! Greg takes the note-learning out of rehearsal and lets you teach rhythms immediately in a choral that is a performance dream. Call and response, repetition and independent part speaking in a variety of rhythmic styles is used. You can add choreography to this piece while learning rhythms that are a must for all singers. Add percussion if desired or use the StudioTrax CD. An educator’s find of the year!

__ A2285, 4-Part Speech any combination and drums
__ CD0323, StudioTrax CD


115 Tang Tungling Tongue Twisters from A to Z!
This collection of enjoyable and challenging tongue twisters is set to music using every letter of the alphabet. Say them! Sing them! Use them to focus your choir’s attention! These tongue twisters are effective tools to improve diction and enunciation, while offering some amusing “icebreaker” moments. Whether used as a warm-up, warm-down or focus moment, they will taunt even the most talented in town with a tang tungling time!

Softcover Resource Book, 35027638

Attitude is Everything! (Collection)
2-part Favorites from Greg Gilpin
Attitude Is Everything is a new collection comprised of two-part favorites from Greg Gilpin. Best-selling chorals like Swinging on a Star, This Ol' Man and The Music in My Life, along with seven others, are now available in one collection with reproducible parts and choreography. The first song, Attitude Is Everything is a new, original work by Gilpin, and positively reflects the theme of this collection.

__ GN0104, 2-Part Collection, Reproducible Parts, Accom./Performance CD
__ GE0124, 2-Part Collection with Reproducible Parts
__ GP0162, Highlights Book/Excerpt Listening CD

Listen Now - 2009 Podcast
Let the Men Sing!
10 Reproducible Chorals for Tenor and Baritone Voices

Let the Men Sing! is a new REPRODUCIBLE collection of chorals for tenor and baritone voices by Greg Gilpin. Folk songs, holiday music, madrigals, Latin settings, inspirational songs, and patriotic themes fill this 10-song collection. A budget-stretcher, the kit includes an Enhanced StudioTrax CD with accompaniment and performance tracks, information about the composer, as well as the men’s vocal parts and instrument pages as reproducible PDF files.

Whether you have 10 or 100 male singers, this must-have collection will keep you on a budget while supplying your program with excellent choral literature for your young male singers for many years to come.

__ GN0124, Reproducible TB Collection/Enhanced StudioTrax CD

Listen Now - 2009 Podcast
A Whole Lotta Hullabaloo!
12 Songs That Wiggle, Twist, Bounce and More

This new unison collection from Greg Gilpin features twelve invigorating songs that will have you and your younger music students wiggling, twisting, jumping, stretching, and so much more! Each song describes a physical movement, set to different musical styles, that is sure to make a body move! These songs are great as vocal warm-ups, physical warm-ups, or as novelty pieces for unique programming situations.
This energized collection contains a multitude of fun ideas for singing and teaching in one affordable kit!

A Whole Lotta Hullabaloo! is a fully reproducible collection and includes an Enhanced StudioTrax CD with performance and accompaniment tracks, as well as artwork, poster, program, clip art, information about the composer, and more!

__ GN0122, Reproducible Collection/Enhanced StudioTrax CD

Listen Now - 2010 Podcast
Hullabaloo 2

10 More Songs that Jump, sparkle, Swing and Dance!
Hullabaloo 2 follows Greg Gilpin’s best-selling collection, A Whole Lotta Hullabaloo with ten MORE songs that give you and your students more opportunities to express themselves musically, physically and creatively. Each music style is sure to make a body move!

Maybe you need a musical treat to reward students for a job well done and dancing and singing their favorite “Hullabaloo” song is just the ticket! Try the songs as warm-ups. Use them to focus the attention on you, the teacher. Perhaps you can use them to quiet the class.

Whether you use these “getup and movin’” songs for classroom or performance, this budget-stretching unison collection includes reproducible teacher pages as well as an enhanced StudioTrax CD-Rom with accompaniment and performance tracks, poster, program and information about the composer! For grades K-3.

Classroom Kit 35027157
(Reproducible Unison Collection & Enhanced StudioTrax CD

Listen Now - 2009 Podcast
How to be a Pirate in Seven Easy Songs
A Mini-Musical for the Pirate in Us All

Hoist the sail and join the pirate crew in Greg Gilpin’s How to Be a Pirate in Seven Easy Songs. This reproducible mini-musical introduces an ornery, yet sweet Captain and a reliable First Mate who transform landlubber students into pirates. Through story and song, the shipmates dress in pirate costume, raise the Jolly Roger flag, spy with telescopes, find buried treasure, and show “thar” pride in a raucous pirate party.

The kit of lovely loot contains a director’s score, reproducible singer’s parts, performance ideas, instructions for prop creation, and an Enhanced StudioTrax CD that includes accompaniment and performance recordings, an event poster, program, artwork for t-shirts and more. Also included in the kit are the Seven Rules of Bein’ a Good Pirate, A Pirate’s Vocabulary, Rules for Speakin’ Like a Pirate, a Pirate’s Hall of Fame, as well as seven pirate games that can be played during rehearsal or class.

This original mini-musical is fast-paced, funny, and perfect for any size group, whether presented as a full stage production or with a smaller ensemble on risers. There’s even a song to pull a “special” buccaneer from the audience to join in the fun!
Performance time is approximately 20 minutes. Need grade levels

__ GN0121, Reproducible Musical/Enhanced StudioTrax CD

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
I Can Feel The Rhythm!

8 Rhythm-Teaching Chorals Using Vocal Speech
Singers who do not play an instrument are sometimes in need of help reading rhythms. A savvy music educator knows one way to teach rhythm is to take the “notes” out of the song. No singing, just speaking in a rhythmic way. I Can Feel the Rhythm by Greg Gilpin does just that.

This collection contains eight chorals that are fun to learn, interesting to teach and entertaining for performers and listeners. With selections for holidays and patriotic celebrations, as well as a piece that teaches how to sing softly and to “sing” musical rests your singers will learn how rhythms look, sound and feel. They will develop their own musicianship skills throughout each piece by adding dynamics and vocal expression. Drum parts are included in this collection!

Big Band Rhythm
Do You Feel the Rhythm?
Life Is Full of Rhythm
Rhythm and Dance
Rock, Rhythm and Roll
Yankee Doodle Rhythm
Yuletide Rhythm

__ GA0112, Collection, 4-Part Speech Choir
__ CD0349, StudioTrax CD

Listen Now - 2010 Podcast
Old Man Winter's Icicle Follies

A Mini-Musical for the Holidays
Every year before Santa’s big day, Old Man Winter presents a Holiday Spectacular at the North Pole, complete with song, dance, snow, tinsel and glitter. The audience is treated to some boogie-woogie by the reindeer, a slippin’ and slidin’ partner song with the elves, a fun and showy march by the snowmen and their kazoos, and an energetic ‘60s-infused finale. The most special guest of all, Santa Claus, even stops by for fun with the North Pole favorites!

Flexible enough for you to add your own choral performance numbers by having Old Man Winter introduce your choir as guests on the show. This format allows you to make the show bigger and brighter while adjusting the length to fit your specific performance needs.

With an easy-to-memorize script and flexible cast size, this budget-stretching kit includes director’s score, reproducible singer’s parts, choreography, costuming, performance and scenery suggestions as well as an Enhanced StudioTrax CD that includes accompaniment and performance tracks, poster, program, clip art, information about the composer and more!

Performance time is approximately 25 minutes. Grades 2-6.

__ Classroom Kit 35027114
__ (Reproducible 2-part Collection & Enhanced StudioTrax CD)

NEW for 2012 - Listen Now
Romp and Stomp!

(10 Songs to Raise a Ruckus with Musical Fun)
Romp and Stomp!, a follow-up to bestselling A Whole Lotta Hullabaloo and Hullabaloo 2, promotes the benefits of musical, physical, and creative expression through unforgettable and lively music of different styles and subjects. This amusing collection of ten memorable songs for teaching and performance encourages children to make some positive noise, clap their hands, learn rhythms, model animals, and exercise their minds and bodies while raising a ruckus! Teach using quick bursts of imagination as your students walk a circus tightrope, pack a suitcase and take a trip, swim, and even go to the zoo! So shimmy, shake, and roll! Wobble all around the music room! Romp and stomp and create some silly fun as you explore the wonders of music with this budget- stretching Classroom Kit!

Songs include: Romp and Stomp!; Hello, Hello, Hello; Clap Those Hands; Swimmin’; Walking the Tightrope; Wobbly; Takin’ a Trip; Pushin’ It; Let’s Go to the Zoo; Shimmy, Shimmy, Shake and Roll!

__ Classroom Kit, 35027967 (Reproducible Unison Collection & Enhanced StudioTrax CD)

Listen Now - 2006 Podcast
Why We Sing: Ten Inspirational Songs for Solo Voice 

Greg Gilpin has compiled a new solo book containing inspirational vocal solos that will touch the heart of both singer and listener.  Why We Sing: Ten Inspirational Songs for Solo Voice includes the songs Through the Eyes of a Child, All Things Bright and Beautiful, A Christmas Trilogy, I Hear Liberty Singing, In Many Wonderful Ways, Maybe We’ll Meet Again, Rock Me to Sleep, The Face of Love, Think On Me, and Why We Sing.  These titles have been choral favorites and are now available for solo voice and an accompaniment CD.  This solo collection can be used for both secular and sacred performances throughout the year and will certainly be a treasured addition to the vocal soloist’s library.

__ IA0088, Solo Book, Accompaniment CD

Staging, Movement & Choreography Videos

Making Music Dance
Greg Gilpin communicates with the viewer on a "one-on-one" basis, providing instruction and examples to help teachers add movement and American Sign Language to choral music.

Making Music Dance, Volume 1 - Includes:
Choreographed Movement for:

The Banjo's Back in Town - Shuman/Thomas
I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing - arr. Gilpin
Swinging On a Star - arr. Gilpin

American Sign Language for:
On the Wings of Song - Gilpin
Power of One - Gilpin
Silent Light - arr. Gilpin

Making Music Dance, Volume 2 - Elementary - Includes:
Choreographed Movement for:

Frim Fram Sauce, The - arr. Gilpin
Gloria Tibi Domine - Gilpin
Good News, Chariot's A-Comin' - Price, Besig
I Hear Liberty Singing - Gilpin
Little Bit of Santa, A - Marcus, Schram
Something in a Song - Estes
Together Like You and Me - arr. Gilpin

Musical / Collection

Knight the Castle Rocked, The - Gallina, Gallina
Nature's Way - Grier, Emerson

Making Music SIGN - Includes:

All Things Bright and Beautiful - arr. Gilpin
Angels Looked Down * - Williams, Curry
Communion Song * - Price, Besig
Empty Now - Martin, J.
Go Now in Peace - Price, Besig
Lightshine - Williams, Martin
Silent Night - arr. Gilpin

* Only portions of the song are signed.

__ VC0001, Video Cassette, Volume 1
__ VC0004, Video Cassette, Volume 2
__ VC5000, Video Cassette, (Making Music Sign)
__ VF0001, Video Cassette 3-Pack (All of the above)

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